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Hi All-Update on Us-


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Hi to all my LCSC Family

I have not posted much since my "Rains it Pours" post about my husband and his surgery. He came home from the hospital a week ago, I had not been allowed to go to the hospital to see him because of my really rock bottom WBC. When I took one look at him as we walked in the door, I knew he was in trouble, he has had congestive heart failure for several years and has done really well, of course the hospital he was in managed to screw him up really badly once again. He was retaining 20 pounds of fluid due to inadequate meds, which is not cool for his condition. I got him an emergency appointment with his cardioligist the next morning and thank God his wonderful cardiologist changed his meds to get him back on the path to recovery. He is still very weak but he is getting better. In the midst of all this however, I got totally dehydrated, I actually thought I was dying since I had never been dehydrated before, (nasty bout of diarahea) I was so weak and shaky I thought "this is it", my daughter took me to my Onc and she gave me an IV right then and I felt so much better by the next day. I have read about dehydration on these boards for a year but never knew what it felt like. Just a word of warning, don't let yourselves get to this point, its no fun at all.

Anyway to sum it all up, we are on the mend and I think of you all every day and pray for all of us.

Bess B

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