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David A Updated Update


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I spoke with David a little while ago and it appears he will be coming home tomorrow with a picc line. As if we didn't have enough in common, now we will both be on picc lines at home. :roll: He says they now feel he does have pneumonia (he does, he doesn't, he does, he doesn't) and he will come home on IV antibiotics. He sounds much better. Told him we are all anxious to have the joke man back.


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Glad he's coming back and REALLY glad I don't live in the germ belt ya'll do! That picc line sure doesn't sound fun - it being a needle and all....

...and Mr. Ry was just warming up on the joke tract....

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Oh for crying out loud, now David is not coming home because they have not identified the bacteria yet and hence cannot identify the antibiotic to order for home. Of course being the weekend he now has to wait until Monday. God forbid someone works on Easter. :roll:

Anyway, that's the latest.

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Hurry up and get out of there! I hear the Easter green jello mold they are serving for dinner really is just that- MOLD. Could be where you got that mysterious bacterial infection from. Yikes! Hospital food sucks!! Try to have a Good Easter regardless.



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Thanks for the update. I know David wants out of there. Pronto! What is with these doctors they can't identify the viruses. Do we really have doctors here? This is pretty frightening and we are supposed to be a high tech country... Keep us posted. Hope all is going well with you.

God Bless,


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