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Happy Day at Our House


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It's a really fun and happy day at our house. Hubby has been on a break from treatments and side effects of chemo are disappearing. Last weekend was really good for him, but this weekend is incredible. He is an enthusiastic motorcylcist. He has the biggest that Kawasaki makes - similar to a Gold Wing. He garaged the bike last Aug. after dx and hasn't been able to ride until TODAY!!!! He was so funny when he got back this morning. He REALLY did do a happy dance all around the kitchen. When he came in the back door, I walked out of there smiling, and he said in a loud voice: "I'M BAAAAACK!!" Then started the happy dance all around the kitchen. Cracked me up - He never dances. I told him to be careful or he was going to break something. Then he cut the grass, we've got almost an acre - WOOPEE!! Now, the best part: he called, made an appointment and GOT A HAIRCUT! It's the first time since September that he's had enough hair to cut! :lol: We're having fun today and perfect, beautiful weather, so we're going to celebrate with steaks on the grill. Just wanted to share. We needed a happy day! Tx starts back up in June, so we are going to really enjoy this break!

Love to all,


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Nothing like a little air in the face and a few bugs in the teeth to make a person feel like doing a Happy Dance! The image your description elicited was TOOOOOO funny! So glad that you are having a super day! It's these kinds of times that fortify us for the tough ones ahead. Enjoy those steaks and the accomodating weather.


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Would you do me a favor? Plwase ask your hubby the next time he takes his bike out to ride just one mile for me? After riding for well over 20 years (most of that time not even owning a car!), it's one of the things I miss most these days. No, I don't feel jelouse or envious. I am VERY happy for you and your husband and am praying for many, MANY more miles "in the wind".


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Guest Billie


I am so happy for you. I know just how your hubby feels. Yesterday I went out and golfed for the first time since last September and before DX.

I felt the sun and wind in my face, heard the birds singing and forgot about the big "C" for awhile. It's amazing how we now cherish the little things we took for granted not so long ago. (At least me, anyway). This is a really great time for you and I hope it continues for days, months and years to come.


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