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No Longer lurking

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Hello to everyone. I have been visiting the site for quite some time and have benefited from your support for others, as we are all traveling down the same road. My name is Jim, I am 59 years old and have Stage IV NSLC, I was diagnosed last July and am still fighting, I’ve had my successes and my failures, but as you all said so emphatically, I am not a statistic”. That response really hit home. THANK YOU!!! Overall I am really having a wonderful time, I feel good and am doing all the fly fishing I can find time for, I am still working full time and spending time with my four grand kids. I sincerely thank you all for being so open with love and support for all of us who have signed in and those, like me, who lurk. I will continue to be a daily visitor and hopefully I can provide others with the support and information that you have given to me.

Thank you all


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Guest Billie


Welcome. I am Stage 4 also, but feel so good that I refuse to believe that I am that sick. In fact I wasn't sick until "they" told me I was. I work full time and love to golf. We are all glad you decided to come out of lurk mode and join the conversations. And yes, statistics are just numbers, not people.


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Hi, Jim! and WELCOME!! You are going to love it here. No fly fishing for my hubby, but he VRRRRROOOOMED up the big Kawasaki this weekend and had a glorious time. I know, fly fishing is safer, but at least I don't have to "clean" and "cook" the motorcylce when he gets home. :lol:


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Hey Jim,

Glad you decided to join the more "talkative" folks here. :)

Charlston huh? I spent a couple of years there in the middle 70's when I was in the Navy. Loved the place! (and no, I will NOT relate various adventures I had in a place called "Devil's Half Acre" out in Goose Creek :)) (is that place even still there? :))

And your right, no statistics here .. just people!


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Jim, welcome out of lurkdom! So glad you decided to speak up -- We'll all benefit from hearing from you. It's great that you're living such a full life -- fuller than many people who've never had cancer, it sounds like.

I have been to Charleston, and absolutely loved it. My friend and I ate our way through town for 3 days. It's a good thing I don't live there, or I would be several sizes larger, I'm sure. It's a beautiful city, though!!!

Again, welcome!


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Hi Jim,

Welcome! Glad you decided to join us. If you need support, information and great people to communicate with about LC, this is the place to to be. You will find a wealth of info here and we are all survivors. Look forward to your posts and please come here often. You are in my prayers...



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