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checkin in

Cindy RN

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I am still having trouble with this computer. PLEASE if anything comes up on the boards someone email me. It is working.

My last echo I had showed no changes so the fluid is still there and I am in limbo but at least it is not getting larger.

Hope you all are doing well-Love to all.


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Hi Cindy,

Wondered where you were too. Glad to hear that things are stable. That is the second best news.

An idea for when a member can not get on the computer for whatever reason. Ry has peoples numbers to call when they disappear. I will gladly make my number available if people would like to call if they can't get on their computer. I could then post whats happening so we all don't worry.

You can PM me if this is good for you.


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Hey, Cindy - Dave and I haven't been around too much either, but because we've just been busy - which is GOOD.

I'm glad there's no change. Stable is good. Hopefully with time the fluid will slowly go away. I'm counting on it.

By the way, I always have liked your quote about finding strength in Christ. It's something I try to remember, especially after reading it from you, and it does strengthen me!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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