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another birthday


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Today's my birthday and it's my first one without my Dad & I miss him SO. No one seems to understand except my Husband & my Stepmom. But I still feel alone in this. I'll have my big cry tomorrow, I had to make a "show" for my birthday today so I made sure I didn't cry, no wonder I'm on "anti-depressants." But I'm not depressed!! I just miss my Dad, I still wear my shoe charm that's heart shaped & says "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" and the gold pendant that says Daddy's Girl. I guess I'll just have to do that til I get over it. Thanks for listening. Love you all, Shordy

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May you have a blessed birthday.

My kids have had their first birthday's without their dad. It was hard for them too but the day passes and life goes on. Like they have said, they think about their dad everyday and there is just no way to get over missing him.

I am glad your husband and step-mom understand.

Take care and enjoy the day. It is the anniversary of one of the happiest day's in your dad's life. You were born to them and what a blessing that has been.



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Happy Birthday Shordy.

Remember, parents want their children to be happy and healthy. Sure we want them to miss us but I know I want my kids to always be happy, I want them to think of me smiling because they have happy, funny memories of me.


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Shordy, I'm sorry that you have to have your birthday without your Dad. I hope the day goes by fast for you and that you can manage to find a few hours where you are actually really smiling and enjoying yourself...that's what your Dad would want.

Happy Birthday.

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