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Finally Doc seen and results

Guest makwa_04

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Guest makwa_04

Finally Doct was seen and all is in the open yesterday!!

Spent a good 2 1/2 hrs with him. And frm what i see he is a excellent Doc full

of understanding and experience.

No down the throat biopsy was done none the needle through the rib.

Two cycsts were found on the outter rib cage of which he was able to needle extract his sample on the spot.

What i have is Stage IV lung cancer, with points of concern on the kidney and also the adrenial gland. A massice tumor on left lung. A 6.2 X 5.8 cm mass is seen on the left lung with 1 X 1 cm on the right lung.

Massive Acute Advanced Degenrative DSisease of the vertraba and spine are seen. Not at this point linked to the Cancer, but not ruled out. Total bone scan normal within limits.

Pain medication was changed to Morphine sulphate and Oxocordone

Of which has not been fully adjusted as of yet.

But its better than nothing !!!!!!!

Blood was taken to test for the kind of chemo they are going to do on me stating next week !!! He will offer three treatment plans one of which is a new release of a dug combonation. He is now thus cross checking my blodd work to see which plan will be best.

Surgery is ruled out totally.

I really liked this guy as him and I both have the same friiends in common

and he is weel versed in the Cancer field ans also at one time taught at a mojor UNIV on the subject.

No apparent life threatning issues at this time {per him}

Long term outlook per him. Without treatment maybe 2-4 mo,s tops left.

With treatment 10 months +

I was advised there is no "cure" but they can get it into remission or shrink it.

The staff treated me excellent compared to the other place and answered any questions i had, Even to the point of going over each mri photo and exray with me looking at it on the screen.

Still working on getting the extra benefits for coverage at this time.

At lest i know now somewhat about what is going on !

Now the pain meds.. coming back yesterday my others had wore off, so i had a absolute mess driving back and 4 stops in 35 miles was in order.

I stopped on way back and got the new meds filled and it took some tome for them to take effect.

When it finnaly did, it was tolerable, i have to call today with results on how they did for adjustments.

He told me what kind of cancer it was , but to be honest i forgot. It was the more agressive one I belive of the two possible.

So all is out in open now at least knowing helps. And At lest a few more camping trips are at hand.

Needless to say this ended my working career according to him, with the back problem involved. But thats ok. So this day will be spend adjusting to the new meds and getting them right for the conditions at hand.

To be real honest I see having a friend that knows people as such and also being a Mason helps alot breaking down doors on alot of places.

With the other doctor i would still not know anything, nor did I sense a real desire that they even cared to be frank.

Yes it is out of my coverage area and hospital zone, but doctor said he will work on that problem, and i do believe he will.

The tumors on the outter rib cage under skin is unknown at this point on if to take them out or not.

If they hurt or bother me he said a surgeron can remove them. As I see it it could be done out patient.

So there is about full content of what Ive found out in last 24 hrs.

Sitting here waiting for new meds to take and go from there.


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Guest makwa_04

Please forgive my spelling and thus. The pills and having my bifocals off does not help manners !

At lest i was able to boot the ole computer up !


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I am so glad you found a place where you are comfortable with the medical staff. Are you in Missouri? I am from Kansas City, but I don't live there now. Wish I did. I am a Missouri girl at heart.

I apologize for not welcoming you sooner. I have been a little at odds with myself and trying to snap out of it. These rainy days don't help matters.

I am so sorry we had to meet this way, but I am glad you found us.


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Makwa, I am very glad they have the pain thing under control ( almost).

The MS contin was wonderful, and I also take Vioxx, some folks here take celebrex, as a NSAID to complement the other type of painkiller.

Life is so much nicer when you're not in constant pain.

Congratulations on finding a doctor who you feel you can work with, and for finally having all the pieces to your story. It helps not to be guessing.

Keep us posted on your chemo.

Good luck,



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Blood was taken to test for the kind of chemo they are going to do on me stating next week !!! He will offer three treatment plans one of which is a new release of a dug combonation. He is now thus cross checking my blodd work to see which plan will be best.

It sounds as though they are doing chemosensitivity testing, which is a very, very good thing, and not done all that often! It sounds as though you have a very thorough doctor and that will serve you well!

Prayers will be with you as you begin this journey!


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Hi, Makwa, and welcome to our "little" family here. Glad you decided to post and bring us up=to-date. Sounds like you have a great onc who is aggressive and compassionate. That is half the battle. You are off to a good start. Sounds like you have SCLC, if it is the more aggressive one. There are many on her who are multiple year survivors, so hold on to the hope. Don

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Wow, what a difference a few days make!!!!

It looks like you are in excellent hands and well on your way to a great relationship with your doctor and his office. Sounds like they are doing all the right "stuff"...it must feel good to finally have some answers!!!

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Guest makwa_04

Well at least 7 FULL hours of sleep last night !!!

although doped up this morning. And was able to dust the pole beans for bugs!

Now mind you this is only using the meds they gave me. I must have got the doseage about right now. So far this morning I feel what i shall deem reasonable.. Although nothing much to eat yesterday.

I will put it this way, Im going to store and get a 1/2 chuck steak and grill it this after noon with "smoked" mashed taters.. Small portion mind you cause I have not eat in so long.. But I feel I might be albe to today..

I got hammock set up in lower yard area so naps will be more pleasant

Will still have to use my hiking staff for walking in case my back goes out again.. but HEY.. Im willing.

Things might flip flop later on it the day back to the same ole stuff, but right now all is within tolerable limits


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So glad you're feeling better and that you've gotten real answers plus a reliable sounding treatment plan. Hope the back holds up -- my husband's spine is riddled with arthritis but it's bearable. Lots of ibuprofen helps!

Your attitude is phenomenal. Good luck with the pole beans -- I never got around to doing almost any of my usual planting this spring. Now you make me feel like a real laggard!


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Massive Acute Advanced Degenrative DSisease

Wow! That certainly explains that intense back pain doesn't it? From your previous threads, I bet you would like to show that to the people who thought you were just trying to get more drugs, huh?

I am so, so, so glad that you are feeling - you sound a lot better! Enjoy that steak and taters. Eat slow and savor every bite - you deserve it.

Thanks for the update.



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Hey! Where do you live. I wanna come over for dinner!!!!! :)

I'm really glad you found a doctor you like and trust. That's a BIG part of this battle right there. And glad you found some relief from the pain and got some rest. Makes a huge difference in your outlook on life, huh?


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It is so important to have the right medical team and I am so glad that you have made that match. Things will get better from here on out and you'll feel more in control of your life. Prayers that you'll get the right combination of drugs and you'll see improvement in how you feel. Life means hope, so enjoy yours as you can.


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Guest makwa_04

Well In my previous post i had high expectations today. well Pain was totally bearable, but tired quicky. So we prepped for dinner.. Well to make a long story short all looked good when fixed adn I plated myself a samll piece of steak, about 1/2 coffee cup of taters, a piece of rye bread and a glass of butter milk and some green beans.... Into the second bite of steak and the third on the taters , now note I was chewing SLOW and eating slow.

Well all decided to come up ! UCK.

Guess after not eating so long it was to much.. But I had not had that much of the steak maybe two bites.

So opted out for a small glass of V8.. which didnt sit well either and wound up drinking so sports juice and having a pudding cup.

Guess will have to get back to eating more slowly?? I have no idea

BUT the pills kept the back problems well under control as long as i dont overdo it.

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