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Another Scare

Don Wood

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Well, folks, after having a good PET scan a few weeks ago, Lucie started having great pain in her right hip (this would be a new place, since the bone met on her hip is the left one). It gave us quite a scare, because if this was a new met, then it would indicate the cancer grew despite the chemo treatment. Well, the onc had us get x-rays of the right hip and the ribs (there was an uncertainty about the ribs, too). Lucie went today to have the scans done and the onc called us this afternoon! All clear! This does not answer why she is having pain on the right hip, but it is not due to tumor or stress fracture. Whew! Thanks for all your prayers, caring and support, guys and gals. It really helps us a lot. Don

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So glad the news was great.

I sometimes think that once you have been dx with a disease like this you become much more aware of every ache and pain you have.

This may just be the old 'getting up there in years' pain but when you have LC it becomes an 'oh my God, I have a met' pain.

But it is always smart to get it checked out.

Hope you are recovering well, Don.

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Great news that the hip pain is not mets...now you can try to figure out the cause of pain without that monkey on your backs, at least. Sorry the Lucie is not comfortable. You guys be good to yourselves.

Hugs and Comforting Sentiments,

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