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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you about something nice that happened recently. A friend of ours, who is a Pilot' managed to arrange a flight for David in a B25 Mitchell, (World War 11 plane for those who are not up with aircraft.) Dave is a WW11 buff and is very interested in aircraft of that period. Everyone went out of their way to accomodate him, even to the nurses at the oncologists who changed his chemo appointment so that he could make the flight. What a treat it was for him, he had a great time. He even managed to crawl through the access tunnel , in the fuselage, to get into the bombadiers position in the nose. He said it took him about half an hour to get there but it was well worth it. I am so thankful that he was well enough to enjoy this flight as you know what a roller coaster the chemo takes one on, (feeling OK one day and ill the next.) Unfortunately the photos that were taken did not come out well enough for me to post one as an avatar . Instead I have posted a photo of Dave and I taken at a wedding a few years ago when we looked a "little" younger. (I wanted a change from the other picture for a while.

Love to you all,


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I'm glad your hubby had a chance to be a little boy again...dreams are important, realizing one is even more awesome. Bet he had one of those grins you just couldn't wipe off his face....

Here's hoping you have more good days than bad and that the bad ones are manageable!

Take care,


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