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20 years ago today.


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God, Im sitting here reading this... and hoping that my husband has such sweet words 20 years from now. Gay is a very lucky lady, and your one hell of a guy! You guys seem SO happy, and I wonder if I will make Steve that happy in 20 years. Maybe by then he will be able to appreciate the way I drive him NUTS now! :lol:

Congrats to you, and wishing you 20 more years together!


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Hi Dean & Gay,

I hope you and Gay had a great evening. You are a true love story. Kind of similar to mine and Bob's meeting, only he was a bouncer at a club a friend of his owned (his pay was they keep him supplied with all the scotch he could drink all night.) You know how big Bob is, that's a lot of scotch. That will be twenty years ago June 29th, been together ever since. I bet I know where you went, Viejas. You said that is your favorite place for Prime Rib. I know it sure looked good the night we all had dinner together. We really need to get together again for dinner. We really enjoyed meeting you and Gay. Let's plan on it. I'll either call or PM you next week...

Blessings, prayers and hugs to you and Gay,


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Hi Dean,

Congratulations and I hope you had a great evening – you deserve it and so does Gay.

As I am always late in responding but here’s something you might consider for your next date: Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note says "For the woman I love" and the second, "For my best friend."

It sounds to me like you guys have both parts that make a truly great relationship.

God Bless,


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