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The Michigan Bash!


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Yes, the party is still on! July 24th starts at 3:00 until whenever. Kids, family etc are all welcome.

I finally made invitations with the directions so if I don't have your address and you would like to come please PM it to me. I hope to get them out after the holiday. Pm me also if you need hotel info.

Can't wait to meet everyone!


(John & David A too)

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I will be sitting here in little old Pennsylvania on the 24th green from head to toe with envy or jealousy. I can never remember which word is cruel and which isn't as bad.

But maybe I will be both, so there.

We all want a blow by blow and pictures.

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Gina & I are heading up north on the 22nd (for Gina's Birthday), but hope to be back by Saturday afternooon..... thats the plan anyway... to be back to meet some folks at Rochelle's (heck I still havent met John & Rochelle :) )....

I'll keep u updated ... Joe

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If Paris Hilton can haul that rat dog everywhere she goes, I'm sure a resourceful lass such as yourself can figure a way to put her puppy pal on her bike! :roll: (I know, that's one BIG purse/pocketbook to put your puppy in...but still!)


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