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The Michigan Bash!


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Okay, even though I can't be there, I'm kicking up the post to do my part. Wish I come and meet everybody -- I know you're going to have a great time -- brownies or no brownies!

In September of 2000, I went to a big event for families of kids with cancer in Washington, DC. It was really fun to walk around the room of the reception on the first night and hear people meeting others they'd known online for so long. It was: "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE RICK... and where's your daughter EMILY?!" And "LOOK! THERE'S DARLENE and that must be JOSH!" and... well you get the picture. Lots of tears and hugs and happy-dances and laughter. But this was a family event, in a hotel, in a city. Somehow I picture you guys doing all that and more at Ry & John's place, and I just know it's going to be something very special.

Is somebody assigned to keep DavidA from getting arrested? :lol:


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As long as we can get the police there, we will have a great time.

Here is the story that goes with it. Two of my good friends when I was in my late teens and early 20's rented a house way out in the boondocks it was down in a hollow, we called it hippyhollow it was so far out in the boondocks one night we had a party, not unlike every weekend there were 25-30 people there, with speakers on the roof more then likely playing hard rock, the closest neighbor was at least 1/4 mile away so we had to call the cops on ourselves, it was hilarious, they came and couldn't understand how the neighbors could here us, oh the glorius 70's

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I am so sorry I can't be there, I would love to come. My daughter Karen says they are'nt going to be able to join you either :( Oh well perhaps there will be another chance some other time.

Hope you all have a good time, and yes I want to see photos too pse.!Paddy

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Nah - I was bouncing back and forth between coming and not coming and I realized that two of my issues were (1) I didn't know if I wanted to ride that far on the bike by myself and (2) I didn't know who would take care of the dog.

All of the sudden it dawned on me that I didn't HAVE to take the bike.....good thing I'm pass "chemo brain" or I never would have figured that out! LOL!


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Sandy, that's too funny!

Ok people, I just got a PM from Rachel that she is coming all the way from Alaska (and bringing salmon and shrimp)!! Now I know lots of you are closer than Alaska!

Frank Lamb, I am sure you drive faster than you type so drive your butt up here.

Oh...and did I mention TeaCake may send some of her famous teacakes????

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:cry::cry::cry::cry: I've been trying to brainstorm a way I could make it to the festivities, but can't figure a way to swing it...so I will have to settle for waiting for all of your posts and pictures (I hope) and live vicariously through you all. I wish I could be there, man, this stinks.

Oh, well, I can't wait to hear how it all went, ENJOY IT YOU GUYS!

AND PLEASE DO A HUGE "GROUP HUG" FOR ME-OK? I'll be with you in spirit!

Take care, my friends-Deb

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Boy, Michigan is not that far of a drive for me. And now we've got a new Ferry that crosses Lake Michigan so I could be in Detroit in about 5 hours.

I make this promise, if my husband gets out of the hospital, and has his pain in control by this weekend, we will be there.

Ry, can you e-mail me directions?


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Would be great to see you! Yes I will send directions or have my secretary (AKA John) get to it today. What city does the ferry come into?

We are about 1 hour north of Detroit so assume you could be here in 4 hours?

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Does anybody have to fly through Atlanta to get there? I could meet them at the airport with the teacakes so they could be hand delivered and well protected! And that person would get to try them warmmmmmmmmmyummmmmmmy. But I'd have to make double my plan 'cause half of 'em wouldn't make it to MI. :lol:

Kickin' that post on up there....


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