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Excuse me ~~


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Some of you may know that i am serving two bosses and one of my bosses is scottish. Since I am a chinese and my native language is chinese certainly, I mostly listen English through movies. I found most dialogues in the hollywood movies (especially action movies - cops) is full of "Sh*t", "Hell", "God da*n", "Fu*king something" etc. Are these rude while some people talks like that in American/Western culture????? :?:

Why I ask, because I find my scottish boss always talks like that with a calm voice in a slow pace. For myself, I don't think they are necessary in the conversation. Are these words just a habitual "adjective"? I certainly accept "Sh*t", "Hell", but how about "God da*n" and "Fu*king..."???? :?:

Pls give me some ideas.....you know, cultural difference, thx. :)

I am so glad that I have you guys here......

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your boss sounds like he's on the rude side. in my opinion, these words are not at all acceptable to be used in a business setting. call me a prude, but they are not acceptable to be used at all. I will admit, however, that I haved used a few of them myself a few times lately when talking about the return of Dave's cancer, but I did not use them in a calm manner. I used them very angrily and emotionally.

I think you should just try to ignore him. here in the u.s., there are laws to protect workers from harassment and that language may fall under the definition of harassment, but not sure how far you could go with a complaint like that in Hong Kong.

Take care, my friend.

Karen C.

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I am with Karen on this. It is not acceptable in a business setting to use this kind of language. In some work places you can be fired for it because it is considered a harrasment issue.

Sorry you have to deal with him. But you might just let him know you are uncomfortable with it and he may try to change. You never know.


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Hi Berisa,

I cannot speak for all of Scotland, but I did live in the UK for 2 years and did hear my fair share of swearing around the office, but still not sure if they relates to the culture in the UK or the type of office I worked in. I still think it is inappropriate as well, but just wanted to share my spin on things. Maybe some of our UK friends can shed some light on their Scottish neighbor.


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When I was growing up my mother used to say that any one that swears is ignorant, they don't know any other way of expressing themselves. She would be suprised how many ignorant people there are today. I think it is a habit that they get into and don't really "hear " themselves. I know in the hospital every once in a while people need to be reminded this is not exceptable in our work environment ( or anywhere else). Donna G

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Well, Berisa, all those words are simply not acceptable BUT I worked in a law enforcement agency and (mostly) guys had a habit of using the words without thinking. Of course the key phrase is "without thinking". I would NOT approach him on this and complain because he is the boss. Maybe there's a non-verbal gesture you can use that will get it across to him that he is offensive without getting you in trouble. I found looking down and to the right, standing quietly was helpful -- it gets their attention and when they're swearing away, they may not be aware someone else is standing there and listening! It worked for me.

As to Scots, most of the Irish and English I know on line use the f word like it's just another word. They usually saying fe**. Again, I don't think they realize it.

Try the non-verbal cue. Maybe it will work.


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I agree with the others. I work in a large law office and while you occasionally do hear h*ll and sh*t tossed around in someone's office, I have NEVER heard the "F-word" used.

I do occasionally hear the old cranky atty that sits near my desk start yelling at people on the phone and have heard "God*mmit" many times from him when he goes off into a rant and it always makes me uncomfortable :oops: and I usually retreat to MY boss's office to "hide" until he is done his phone call. One day I will lose my patience and complain to management about him. In my opinion, no one should be made to fee uncomfortable in their work environment.

Most unprofessional!

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