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There were three guys walking on the beach and found a magic lantern. Of course they picked it up and stroked it. A giant genie popped out and said "I normally grant 3 wishes to 1 person but since there are 3 of you, you'll each get 1 wish". He asked each in turn what their wish was: first guy "I want to be 10% smarter." Poof! He was 10% smarter. The second guy: "I want to be 50% smarter!" Poof! He was 50% smarter. Third guy: "I want to be 100% smarter than these other two guy put together." Poof! He was a woman.


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John and Frank are going to have to buy a calculator to keep track of all us women's joke points!!!!!!!

We need the kind that has the tape, cos I don't trust them and I certainly don't trust them to add them up in their heads!

Or better yet, they should be required to submit a spreadsheet at the end of each month!!!! That way we can keep a close eye and refer back to the board.

Are you listening Board of Directors????? :):):):)

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