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They did it again!!

David P

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Hey everyone.

Well, whadayathink? The students had a blast this year with the teacher's heads in the lead up to our big head shave cancer fundraiser this Thursday. Nine teachers at my school bleached their hair last week so the nine classes who had raised the most amount of money for the Cops for Cancer fundraiser could pick a teacher's name from a hat, then decide as a class what colors to dye that teacher's hair. Our hair was then colored during an assembly last Thursday. As you can see, I could be readily employed at any circus in the country with this head. I even managed to get our school principal and vice principal to partake in the colourful event. But don't worry, it'll all be gone in a couple days... so I'll post another photo next week. Twelve teachers in all, and 29 students will have no hair by noon Thursday in support of all those who are fighting this d.a.m.n disease. Last year our small, inner city school of 430 students raised $17,500, and are trying to beat that this year. The police cycling team rides from the north end of Vancouver Island to the south, stopping in over 20 communities along the way attending fundraising events for cancer research -- they're trying to beat the $1.1 million raised last year. They will be stopping by our school during the head shave event -- last year the team said our school was a highlight of their 13 day ride; we had them burst through welcoming banners to cheerleaders, and "We are the Champions" music blaring. It was spine tingling to say the least. I'll keep you posted -- I have to go make some banners. Take care.

David P.

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Yes Nina, we have three brave girls at our middle school raising money to have their head completely shaved. Two of them have hair long enough to donate to the wig making program, and there are a number of girls just donating long hair for wigs, who will end up with a "bob" cut. The colors in the teacher's hair are all very bright, but most people these days don't even give you a second look when they pass by; those who do say they like it, get a look at my pledge form real quick -- and many end up pledging at least $5.00.

Thanks for asking.


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What a hairdo, what a guy, what a school....!!! You are indeed an inspiration and I think it's just great. THere should be lots of news coverage on this -- it would do a lot more than those yellow wrist bands! Maybe we should try technicolour wrist bands like your hair! (Or, better still, technicolour headbands, then do-rags...the possibilities are endless!)


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