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mom in the hospital


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Hi all.

Mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday with severe SOB. She was given a big dose of steroids and neb. treatments and this has helped. They did an echocardiogram this morning. (abnormal EKG?) Mom says she feels a lot better and doesn't want me to go up there because of the drive( at least 4 hrs.). I feel so helpless! I have two small children at home an they both just started school, so it's hard to go see her because I work only weekends so I could be home to take the boys to school. I told her I had people willing to watch them at any time! But, still she insists she'll be out in a couple of days. I really think this is mostly an infection. I guess I just hate being away from her at times like this! I can't take a weekend off because if I don't work, I don't get paid.

Well, I'll stop rambling now and just ask for prayers that this IS nothing more than an infection.

Thanks for listening,

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I'm sorry you can't be with your mom at this time. I know that is very hard. When my dad was ill, one of my sisters in another state could hardly stand it at all being so far away. It really does sound like your mom has an infection and she will hopefully be out of there very soon. Is there another family member with her? Your mom (and you) have my heartfelt prayers.



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Hi Kim

I know exactly how you feel. My Mom and Grandma are 4 hours away as well. My Grandma has been very sick lately, but I haven't been able to go. The stress of everything was killing my stomach. I try to take just a few minutes to sit and breathe. Take care and you and your Mom are in my prayers.


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Thank you all for your prayers and thoughtfulness. Mom says she feels better and the echo came back fine. Nothing wrong with the ticker. She has had some trouble swallowing, of which she hasn't told her onc. doc about, but, my dad did! :lol: (HAH MOM!!!) Now she is having an EGD done today to see if there is anything there. Hopefully there isn't and maybe just some scaring from radiation. She has trouble swallowing liquids, not solids. Go figure! Thanks again to all! God Bless!!!!

Big hugs to everyone out there! You all are the best!

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I had trouble swallowing liquids, had to take sips, very small, from the radiation to the esophagus and chemo. Took a while to get over.

What your mom is experiencing is much like what happened to me, every time I got a respiratory virus, I became very SOB, and in hosp I got nebulizer treatments @ 4 hours, plus steroids iv to open up the lungs to breathe better. It got better over time, I had to do a steroid pulse at home and rest for a couple days, on antibiotics (the irradiated section of lung/bronchial tube seems to be a haven for secondary infection) and with my own in haler. Could sleep in the recliner just fine.

It was pretty scary the first time, and it seemed to take about 18-36 hours to turn around. BUT although it happened half a dozen times, and hospital twice ( the extra O2 was nice) it got much better over time, and has all but disappeared now.

Good wishes and prayers for your mom, she understands.


Prayers always,


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Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. It's very scary when you feel as if you can't get a decent breath.

I also had more difficulty swallowing liquids than solids during/after radiation. I still occasionally have a problem and will have to give it a minute before the brain says it's ok to swallow.

Wishing your Mom the best,

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