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RY, raise some ransom money!


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I'm being kidnapped for the weekend, I don't have time to ask for a hallpass and wait patiently for it to be granted....I'm scratching this out on a gum wrapper while being dragged to a MINIVAN heading south, to Ohio...

If I can break free, I'll be back by Sunday....if not, maybe you can pay ransom with my "cussin' jar" fees!

I think my husband is in on the plot, I noticed a packed suitcase of his....

Actually, it's a wedding...a celebration, eat, drink, and be married....or something like that...

Take care, all, and play nice. I've been in time out for the last two days with mandatory training at work and have withdrawal symptoms something fierce! I'll be certifiable by the time I get back!

Love to all,


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No wonder I have been gloomy the last couple of days. I haven't had Snowflake challenging me on something or other. Can I make it through the weekend? I don't know. The pile of stuff I have to do is ridiculous before Monday night. (Multivariate exam do tomorrow, so I probably ought to get started on it. Visiting professor in from Texas Tech tomorrow, so a series of seminars, a linear algebra exam on Monday, plus I am presenting a paper in accounting seminar Monday morning, and I am teaching an executive MBA workshop Monday night.) So maybe I need one of those hallpasses, too.

I love weddings. They are such a testament to our optimism (or our stupidity) as a species. We know it can only end in death or divorce. We know both of those suck. And we throw a heck of a party because we know that the destination is terrible, but the walk there is worth it. Have fun and dance with your men and we will miss you until the weekend is over.


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Oh nice try Beck. I am unmoved by your pitiful plea...I know you and you are thinking FREE DRINKS. Floor it Cookieman!

However, like Curtis I am moved by weddings so I will grant your pass. Have you paid your chat fines yet? Those fines for swearing really rack up...I think you were at $480.00 when I left chat. I hope Elaine kept adding.

Have fun...take the pass shaped like a bridal bouquet.

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I don't know how you can all take this so lightly.... Becky has been kidnapped by a SoccerMom! Not our SoccerMom, but one of those free range SoccerMoms who drive Mini-Vans stocked with children's DVDs and juice boxes and bags of healthy snacks...Poor Becky. She'll be condemned to hours of hearing the theme song from the new Aladin DVD set over and over and over again. Somebody has to help her! :shock:

Have fun, Becky, and dance the night away..... :)

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