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No scans only x rays


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Hi to everyone on this wonderful and supportive website, I wonder if someone could answer my question please

I have noticed that nearly all of you have PET CT or MRI scans when you have your check ups. I had surgery 8 weeks ago and went for my first check up with the surgeon last week.

He took an x ray we chatted about how I felt and then he said he would see me in 3 months. Now don't get me wrong, this is wonderful news for me but when he said he will see me in January and I replied "with my first scan" he emphatically said NO SCANS - my treatment will consist of an x ray every 3 months for the first year then still more x rays every six months after that.

I don't understand how he can detect if it has spread to other parts of my body if I just have x rays. I'm confused.

What do you think?

Many thanks

Shirl (UK)

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I would suggest that you get a second opinion regarding what constitutes appropriate follow-up after surgery. I am working with an oncologist who has planned CT scans every 3 mos. for the first 3 years, then CTs every 6 mos. for the next 2 years, then yearly CTs thereafter, barring anything untoward. I'm 2.5+ years out from surgery and she has also ordered 2 bone scans, a PET scan, and an MRI along the way to make certain that all is trundling along OK. This crap is treacherous and I feel we can't be toooooo diligent. Good luck.

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I only get chest xrays and blood work every 3 months. I have had a brain MRI since I had headaches to rule out brain mets, and a bone scan to rule out bone mets but as a rule, do not have these tests on a schedule. The only PET I had was almost 2 years ago when my nodule was found.

My Onc has told me I only have to come every 6 months now but I don't feel comfortable with that and go to my regular doctor in between for an xray (or CT scan if I can talk him into it). Originally I was told by my Surgeon I needed every 3 months for 3 years, and then every 6 months.

I think you will get all different answers on here to be honest. If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, I would advise to get the 2nd opinion and to go with what feels right for you.

Good luck to you...

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I too am getting chest x-rays every 3 months for the first two years post surgery, and then annually with my surgeon forever. I see the oncologist every 6 months, at least right now. I think if everything keeps going well, that will go to an annual visit too. I'll just schedule the surgeon and the onc so that I don't go any longer than 6 months without seeing someone, if that's what happens.

You'll hear a lot of different follow-up plans here--I think there's a lot of variety in treatments and a lot of controversy regarding follow-up exams. I feel comfortable because my surgeon is the person who examins my x-ray, and they can all be lined up next to each other, so any minute change should be easily detectable.

If you aren't comfortable with your follow-up care, why not ask about CT scans and see what they have to say??? Maybe they'll ok them for you.


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As my sister would say, "That ain't right."

Let's see... if I can remember all of this, '

Initially, I had a biopsy using guided imagery.

A chest, abdomen, pelvis CT with contrast

A PET scan

A bone scan

A brain MRI

All of the above were for diagnostic and staging purposes to properly treatment plan for elimination of disease.

At the end of the radiation, another PET and a CT to determine resolution of disease and to see if we were on the right track.

Another PET/CT at the end of chemo for restaging

The oncologist at the time treatment planned follow up CT every 3 months and PET every 6 months along with a PET.

The oncologist I have now wants chest, abdomen, pelvis CT every 3 months.

Good luck to you. (If the cancer don't kill me, the radiation will :roll: )

Cindi o'h

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Welcome to the board. Even being stage 1A, I have had CAT scans continuously since my lobectomy 3 1/2 years ago. I know for a year or two I was either having a CAT scan or an xray when I visited. I am now getting scans every 6 months. The onc is still seeing me every 3-4 months. The surgwon is once a year, with an xray.

Keep asking questions


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I only had one ct scan since my surgery. I am a 3+ year survivor. I did have chest xrays every 3 months for 2 years and now I have one every 6 months. I also have blood work done at my oncologist's office. So far so good for me. I think that there is a lot of controversy between doctors on this issue because the ct scan for one uses somewhat more powerful radiation, which maybe harmful in itself. I don't know anything about the pet scan or what the level of radiation if any is used it that scan. Just my thoughts on it. My best to you. Nancy O.

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Thank you all so very much for answering my question

It was interesting to see the different follow up procedures everyone has had. After reading them all I think I will go with what all of you said in one way or another - to ask more questions and if not satisfied take it further to push for scans. I am waiting for an appointment with an onc to discuss the possibility of 4 rounds of chemo as an adjuvant therapy so I will discuss it with him

God Bless you All


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