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I am new here


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Hello all! I've heard very good things about this list from the acor lists, so here I am. I'm a 43 yo female, nonsmoker, diagnosed with stage iv bronchioloalveolar carcinoma in March. It looks like I have new disease progression, and am weighing my treatment options. I am currently on Iressa and 800 mgs of celebrex. These are the options currently under discussion with my onc. I see her again on Wednesday.

1) Increasing the celebrex to 1200 mgs/day to see if I can gain stabilization again.

2) Erbitux is probably out of reach for me.

3) We are discussing Altima but she would prefer gemzar/navelbine. I would like to hear any input about people with BAC particularly, with this combo. She also suggested that a port be put in, and I am really reluctant to do this. I should tell you that I had a greatly beloved sister who died of stage iv uterine cancer in April 2001. And going the standard chemo with port route just brings up way too much emotionally. I also need to stay as healthy as possible as I am a single parent. So, I am trying to weigh the pros and cons.

4) Tarceva would be the next step...I am wondering about the option of keeping on my current treatment with Iressa with celebrex (but at 1200 mgs instead of 800 mgs) until Tarceva is approved....would this be worse than a standard chemo which is not likely to help?

Thanks for being here. Any input is welcome!


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Hi Beverly,

Sorry you have to be here. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your sister.

Unfortunatly, I'm not qualified to answer your questions; I just wanted to welcome you. I'm sure others will respond soon. The group is a wealth of information/support.


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I am sorry we had to meet this way. I dont have the knowledge to answer most of your questions. I did want you to know that Tarceva is being offered in an open access trial accross the country--I think now. Here is a link on this borad to further information.


I wish you strength as you make your upcoming decisions.

love and fortitude


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Dear Beverly,

I too have no answers to your very specific and informed questions, but I do want to welcome you to the group and hope that others will be able to respond in an intelligent way.

My husband went through chemo without much difficulty and regretted not having a port put in because his veins really took a beating by the end of the cycle -- it was difficult to find one that would stand up to yet another infusion. His side effects from the chemo were fairly minimal -- some blood count fluctuation that were corrected by shots (neulasta and procrit) and nothing really else other than, of course, the loss of hair.

I wish you well and hope that you get the help you need in making these difficult decisions.


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Welocme Beverly~

Glad you found us. I know others on here are using Navelbine but the combination with Gemzar is not one I recall anyone else doing. I will tell you that my husband had a great response to the Gemzar and I hope the same holds true for you. He is now on Iressa.


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Hi Beverly and WELCOME! My husband does not have BAC, but he did have the Gemzar/Navelbine combo and did quite well with it. A little nausea the first day (but, of course, I don't know which drug caused it), but it stopped with compazine. After that he took a compazine before treatment, plus the anti-nausea meds he got in his iv, plus he took a compazine after treatment and had no more nausea. His only other side effect was fatigue. He did very well with these drugs - much better than with Taxotere/Carboplatin. I understand from a post on here recently that Alimta is supposed to be as strong and effective as Taxotere with the harsh effects that man experience from Taxotere. I'll find the link and come back here and post it for you.

Once again, Welcome!

Here's the link: http://lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.p ... ght=alimta

God bless you,


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Hi Beverly,

Welcome aboard. I also have stage IV BAC. Currently on Navelbine, other then fatigue no side effects. Also had very good results with Taxol. Speaking only for myself if I thought there was a chemo drug that would help me I would try it. Don’t know how it would affect one until one tries it and if it will work or not. They have come a long way with chemo and medications to offset side effects. Of course everyone is different. My thoughts and prayers are with you for the best of results.


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Hi, Beverly,

We also know one another from the Lung-BAC list. Having a port in place means that I do not have to be stuck over and over again because my veins are deep, small, woody, and they roll. I don't have to worry about the medications infiltrating into my tissue, which-depending upon the drug going in-can be painful and sometimes damaging. I still have my port in place, and maintenance is a once a month flush with saline and a little injection of Heparin so it doesn't close up. I get antibiotics before having my teeth cleaned.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your Onc finds a way slow down the BAC again. It's a strange disease.

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