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  1. Steff, Was your mother's current cancer biopsied? if so, ensure the biopsy sample is tested for biomarkers. There have been many advances in treating certain forms of non small cell adenocarcinoma and these are the emergence of targeted therapy treatments. Read about targeted therapy here. It might be time for your mom to see a medical oncologist for development of a treatment plan. Stay the course. Tom
  2. Sandrine, Recommending or endorsing specific health care providers is something we do not do on this forum. But, you can Google "US Hospitals Specialize Lung Transplant" and read the results. I'd start with websites that are not hospitals like, for example US News "Best Hospitals for Pulmonology" and Becker's Hospital Review. I hope this search approach gives you ideas to consider. Stay the course. Tom
  3. Kaly, The sputum symptom is not good and you are right to feel devastated. It is very hard for me to suggest treatment ideas because I'm not informed about India's lung cancer treatment protocols. Did he inquire about immunotherapy and his last oncology consultation? Might it be possible to ask for a different pain killer that would not upset his stomach? Stay the course. Tom
  4. Laura, I am so very sorry to learn of your husband's diagnosis. Pulmonary fibrosis is one of those diseases where symptoms can only be moderated. Has he displayed symptoms (shortness of breath) over a period of time or did all this happen suddenly? My wife and I planned hospice care for me when my lung cancer resisted fourth line treatment. After meeting with the hospice doctor and nurses, we concluded if our last treatment alternative failed, we'd enter hospice care. We were convinced that was far better than hospitalization. Nothing I can write can comfort you and having faced this situation myself, I can say, unfortunately, I know what your husband is feeling. I wish I had a magic wand and could wave away his disease. You are welcome to stay connected with us if it gives you comfort. While we don't have a lot of expertise in pulmonary fibrosis, many of the symptoms are common with lung cancer and we might offer you some assistance and comfort. Stay the course. Tom
  5. Carol, Welcome here. For encouragement, if I can live, so can your husband. My wife has a masters degree in nutrition and is an RN. She says for diet: reduce meat consumption because creatinine results from breaking down proteins. And a consultation with a Nephrologist is the right next step. Stay the course. Tom
  6. Sarah, Home with a chest tube? Done that. I had trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep because the chest tube was in my lower back. I finally needed to wedge myself on my side with pillows to ensure I didn't roll on my back. I know you are going to take it easy and give yourself time to heal. Good to hear of your successful surgery. Stay the course. Tom
  7. Nicole, Has your dad ever been tested for sleep apnea? This disorder is normally diagnosed by a sleep study. This could explain his breathing while sleeping difficulty. Ensure someone alerts the pulmonologist to this possibly. Stay the course. Tom
  8. Nicole, OK! Scan and some scaring left from radiation. Did the scan show no evidence of disease -- NED? Stay the course. Tom
  9. Mally, Right! Anxious time to next scan. Remember, lung cancer is persistent so keep your game face on. The 6 month scan interval is a good sign but it is just a sign. Most important is to be doing something you enjoy while surfing your NED. You got the promise of treatment -- extra life. Now have fun! Stay the course. Tom
  10. Kaly, Your brother's report is not a good one. But, Squamous cell does respond to chemo. If it didn't, I wouldn't be here. With the extent of metastatic disease, it is hard to see how radiation could be used except to moderate pain as palliative care. And, Squamous cell does not respond to targeted therapy. This treatment is only available for a percentage of those with adenocarcinoma NSC lung cancer. But, there have been recent advances in immunotherapy for Squamous cell folks. Ensure your brother asks about immunotherapy at his next doctor consult. Stay the course. Tom
  11. Vicky, How about that! Great report. I'm using a phone to respond. Helping my daughter with her brain radiation so I'm struggling with this small keyboard. But the forum format on my phone starts with one's first post. I therefore took time to read yours. Interesting, indeed. So you are on the NED road and what does one do with the gift of NED? Stay the course. Tom
  12. Hello Raymond. Welcome here. We share a diagnosis and I had pre chemo and radiation to shrink my tumor and allow a pneumonectomy of my right lung. Sounds like you are aware of the need to be your own advocate when dealing with complex medicine and lung cancer is very complex. Your PCP's involvement is a plus. Mine was invaluable in setting up my treatment team and "nudging" them into action. Make sure your doctors know you are coughing up blood. Stay the course. Tom
  13. Andrew, I don't have any first hand knowledge about German cancer treatment centers. I googled the subject but wouldn't know how to select from the many hospitals displayed. Anyone have first hand knowledge about cancer treatment in Germany? Stay the course. Tom
  14. Hey! Mally's got a NED scan! Celebration time, do the dance. So your are on the 6 month scan program. Good for you. I can recall every other month scan frequencies. Still, that is future stuff. Celebrate now. Stay the course. Tom
  15. Steff, I am a fourth time cancer survivor. I had 4 recurrences after reaching a state of no evidence of disease (NED). So here is the hope I offer, if I can live so can your mother. Lung cancer is persistent. At some level, recurrences should be expected. Take some time to get acquainted with this site. Most of us were not "one and done" survivors. But we are here. Let us know the type of lung cancer your mom has (for example non small cell Squamous cell lung cancer). Those with a similar type can chime in and tell you of their experience. Stay the course. Tom