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Got a Good Joke???

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HI all,

The week is quickly getting away from me!  I don't know about you, but with the grey weather (at least in Washington State) and cold temperatures, I could really use a good laugh.  Do you have any good (appropriate) jokes?

Unfortunately, I have never been able to remember jokes and if I attempt to tell one, I mess it up and people just stare at me.  There is 1 exception to this.  For some reason, I can remember a joke a 3rd grader told me many years ago and it's my "go to" joke.  Keep in mind that the school I was teaching at the time is a small, rural, farming community....here goes....

Where to cows go on dates?



To the mooooovies!

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The CEO of Big Oil Inc looked around the room before the meeting and noticed an empty chair.  He asked: "where is the staff geologist?"  The chief engineer answered: "Out forming a rock group."

What is the difference between a civil engineer and a lawyer?  A civil engineer gives concrete answers....

What is the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer?  A mechanical builds weapons while a civil builds targets.

What do civil engineers use for birth control?  Their personalities.....

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This is my go to joke (the only one I can remember, usually). If I can remember any more, I'll post them.

A guy walks into a bar with a giant toad on his head.

The bartender says "What's up with this?"

The toad says "it started out as a wart on my behind."

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Another fun topic! Here is one of my favorites:

Q: "What did the pirate say when he turned eighty?"

A: "Aye matey!"

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