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    Curt got a reaction from Lisa L in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Thank you for all the responses and advice.  My instinct is to be honest with my kids about it.  My wife worries it will upset them too much.  My father died from lung cancer and it is something that we talk to them about..  I think in their mind Lung Cancer means dying.  I’m also concerned on a professional level that my customers will be less likely to use my company because my diagnosis.  I’m the driving force behind the work we get and I’m worried my competitors will use it against me.   I keep thinking of it as a weakness   I don’t like have weaknesses  
    Lisa you have been on my mind as well.  I know our paths have been similar and I wondered how my results would affect you.  We do have some differences.  I’ve been following mine for a year, I have a very large history of lung cancer in my family and I had two doctors tell me this is what I should do.  I put this surgery off for almost a month so that I could go on vacation with my family.  Given the growth rate over the last year the doctor didn’t feel that was an issue.  The final tumor size did end up being 1 CM instead of 8 MM.  The doctor said that could have been due to growth or just a variation on the scan.  If your doctor is saying it’s ok to wait until April and you’ve gotten a second opinion about that then I think that’s ok, but I understand your anxiousness about it   
    I had my gallbladder removed last year.  It’s how I found out about this spot.  That surgery was more painful a recovery.  I’ve had no quality of life changes from that surgery.  I’m told I will have very minimal from this.  It’s really strange but just sitting here typing this I don’t notice any difference in my breathing.  There are definitely differences in the amount of air I’m able to take in on the spirometer, but it doesn’t seem to affect me when sitting still or light walking.  If I go up and down stairs that winds me.  Going outside in the cold last night (18 degrees) was really tough.  I was surprised by how hard it was to breath in that cold.  I’m told all that will pass with time.  
    If you have the wedge resection it is a pretty minimal procedure with no quality of life issues.  There are always the general concerns with surgery and general Anastesia but in terms of surgery a wedge resection  is considered more of a procedure than a surgery. If you end up needing the full lobectomy then that is what it is, there is very little to consider in that instance.  
    Please keep me posted on your progress.  I know how stressful this all is.  I’m here for you.
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    Curt reacted to Shelkay1 in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    "You have cancer" is never something we ever want to hear; but yours sounds like it was caught early. Hopefully you won't need chemo or radiation. Telling people, especially your children that you have cancer can be a challenge. Our children are all adults (6 daughters); since they don't all live in the area, I told them via a text message.  I was up front and open with everyone at work about my diagnosis. Since I work in a retirement community where everyone talks, I'd  rather them to know the truth rather than someone's mixed up version. In addition, they I now have them as prayer warriors. 
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    Curt reacted to Laurel in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    I'm sorry about your cancer diagnosis but Stage 1 and no lymph nodes involved is nice. I went into VATS last February as stage 1. After surgery, we were celebrating they got all the cancer. 10 days later, I was told stage 3 due to increase in size and lymph nodes involved. I went through chemo and radiation. I shared with everyone. I wanted the support. I would be surprised that your young ones don't realize something about your illness.  They don't need all details, but answering their questions might be of help.
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    Curt reacted to Tom Galli in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Good news on your surgery.  I do hope you recover and get discharged quickly. Unfortunately, chest tubes are not uncommon in either a VATs or conventional thoracotomy. They are however a minor inconvenience.  I remember my first removal. My surgeon "short counted me".  "On three", and pulled it at the count of two!
    I think your routine of continuing scans and followups, likely for at least the next 10 years will be hard to hide.  I told friends and family of my condition and that turned out to be the best decision for me.
    Get better and stay the course.
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    Curt reacted to PaulaC in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Good morning Curt, I’m sorry to here about your diagnosis but relieved they caught it early. 
    I think what Michelle said about getting it out is a simpler way then I did it. I had just retired but thankfully my husband was still working. He personally wanted to keep it quiet and just our immediate family. I have to say it’s not the easiest or best way to do it because you need support from all directions. Also, I think some that found out about it later were hurt because they felt I kept it from them. 
    I think you’ll do what you need to do and it’ll be the right thing. Take care and try not to worry about it. 
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Hi Curt,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I’ve been following your posts and hoping this was nothing too.  I’m glad the surgery went well & very relieved this got caught at Stage I.  
    I had the same dilemma about how to communicate my diagnosis to my family, friends & employees too.  Initially I wanted to keep this news to a small circle of friends & family.  I got some advice from my Dad’s nurse to head in the opposite direction.  She said support comes from the people you least expect it.  I worked in a small field with a big gossip chain so it wasn’t going to be possible to keep my professional life out of this.   For me, Dad’s nurse was spot on.  I reversed course & told everybody over the course of a few weeks.  As a former sales executive, I developed my own version of “the elevator pitch”  short & simple. 
    The first few discussions were really hard for me however I somehow found the strength that I didn’t know I had.  It somehow got “easier” as I moved down the list.  
    Trust your instincts & focus on your recovery as a top priority.  
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.   
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    Curt got a reaction from Tom Galli in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    I had the surgery on Tuesday and the initial results are Stage 1 NSCLC adenocarcinoma.  They went ahead with the full upper right lobectomy and removed the surrounding lymph nodes.  Initial indications are that the cancer did not spread beyond the 1 CM primary tumor and will not require any additional treatment, just periodic scans.  I will get more definitive results next week when the pathology report comes back.  They are also doing genetic testing that will take a bit longer and give more specific information on the characteristics of my tumor.  
    The surgery was was not awful.  They have gotten so good at managing pain.  I still have my chest tube in.  They clamped it off yesterday and have been doing XRays.  There is a bit of an air pocket that they would like to see either not get bigger or go away before removing the tube.  They are going to do anothEr XRay this afternoon.  There is a chance that I can go home tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.
    I can’t say I’m shocked, but I’m surprised.  I was really holding out hope that it was nothing.  I’m struggling with who to tell and how to tell them. What do I tell my kids?  They are 6, 8 amd 10 year old boys.  What about my employees, friends, etc?   I don’t even know how to  or if yo broach the topic with some of them. 
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    Curt got a reaction from PaulaC in First year Cancerversary and NED   
    Congratulations Paula.  That’s great news!   
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    Curt reacted to PaulaC in First year Cancerversary and NED   
    All my toes are painted so maybe next pedi I’ll start having one done a special color. I was told Feb 13, 2018 that I had NSCLC and the whirlwind began. After chemo, radiation and surgery I start year two NED. 
    I think tonight I’ll celebrate. 
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    Curt reacted to Lisa L in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Curt, sending you a prayer and hug for tomorrow, please let us know how you are doing.  Love and light ❤️
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Prayers for you Curt!  Hoping all goes as planned.  
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    Curt got a reaction from LexieCat in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Thank you for checking in Michelle.  I’m on a family vacation this week so that’s a nice distraction.  I’m ready to get the surgery over with and confront what’s next.  
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    Curt got a reaction from PaulaC in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Thank you for checking in Michelle.  I’m on a family vacation this week so that’s a nice distraction.  I’m ready to get the surgery over with and confront what’s next.  
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    Curt got a reaction from Steff in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Thank you for checking in Michelle.  I’m on a family vacation this week so that’s a nice distraction.  I’m ready to get the surgery over with and confront what’s next.  
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    Curt got a reaction from Rower Michelle in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Thank you for checking in Michelle.  I’m on a family vacation this week so that’s a nice distraction.  I’m ready to get the surgery over with and confront what’s next.  
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in Wedge Lobectomy Scheduled Feb 26   
    Hi Curt
    Just checking in to see how things are going in advance of the surgery next week? I’m thinking about you!
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    Curt reacted to wwroam in Good CT scan results   
    Yesterday I received the results of the CT scan from a week ago.
    Still in remission. My oncologist seemed quite pleased /confounded as I have never had surgery , only chemo ( Gemzar+ Carbo and Taxol + Carbo) and radiation.
    He had played a small trick on me by leaving the scan from his previous patient on the light screen. it looked pretty awful but he did say that it wasn't mine and that mine was a lot prettier.
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    Curt reacted to Susan Cornett in CT Results   
    Today's results: NED! The SBRT I had in September continues to work its magic. I'll scan again in 4 months instead of 3. Super Doc says he doesn't have a standard to follow for my case because it's been a little unusual.
    This leads perfectly into next week's 3 year cancerversary.  
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    Curt reacted to Pam Vandeberghe in small cell lung cancer and moved to brain as well   
    My husband was diagnosed with sclc in February of 2018 (almost a year ago).  He had a couple of pretty large tumors in his right lung (inoperable) and lymph node involvement as well. He began chemo treatments a week after diagnosis and they used carboplatin and etoposide. He had 4 cycles that were 3 days each. Starting with his second cycle he also began radiation on his tumors. 30 treatments, 2 a day for15 straight days. Then had 10 low dose brain radiation treatments (PCI).  It all lasted from February to July of 2018. You are correct about the tethering statement as we have practically lived at the cancer center.  The cancer has now metastasized to his liver and he has undergone two more cycles of chemo now along with one of the new immunotherapy drugs, TECENTRIQ. He had 6 liver tumors which 4 are gone now and the remaining 2 are 50% smaller.  He has had TECENTRIQ 3 times and is tolerating it fairly well. They have now found a spot on his rib bone so have stopped chemo but are continuing Tesentriq and adding a drug called zometa for bone strength.  He will get scans every 2 months now instead of every 3 like he had in the beginning. The decision is ultimately yours and your family’s, of course, but we both would recommend you do treatments.  Our family has had the blessing of him still being with us for almost a year now, when it appeared to be a very grim situation in the beginning as I’m sure it is for you right now. It has been VERY hard on him (and me too) but would we take the same course again, knowing and going through what we have?  He and I both say yes!!!  I will tell you the honest truth.  He was hospitalized 3 times, low sodium, needing blood transfusions, and got sepsis on top of all that!  He’s always been a very strong man.  A brick mason.  A weaker person may not have been able to endure all that he’s had to endure and I really believe strength is important for these types of treatments. But, for any side effect, they usually have something that will help too though. It’s a very hard road to go down but I would recommend that you do it. Any extra time you get is a blessing and every day they are finding new immunotherapy drugs to help sclc.  Despite the extremely rough journey there is always hope. Everyone responds differently too so you could have an easier time of it than my husband has. Take care and the very best of luck to you. If you are near an MD Anderson facility, my husband and I would strongly recommend them too. I hope sharing his story has helped you.  Keep us updated.  
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    Curt reacted to Golfman in small cell lung cancer and moved to brain as well   
    Thank you, Pam and Ron. I'm very fortunate that people like you and others have taken the time to provide such invaluable insight. This really helps us with our decision, and even more importantly, reaffirms that there are such incredible people like you in this great country. I was given my diagnosis on Feb 14, and have to admit that everything the Oncologist said after her "2-4 months without treatment or 12 months with treatment" went over my head. I was numb. Luckily, my wife was there to keep me focused.  She tells me they will be including immunotherapy along with my chemo. We are scheduled to meet with a radiation oncologist on 2/18, and will proceed with treatment. My wife and I will now begin the long road living with this diagnosis. I will keep you posted on our journey. There are no MD Anderson facilities nearby, but we will be using Northwestern Medical, which is highly recommended.
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    Curt reacted to Ron for Peggy in small cell lung cancer and moved to brain as well   
    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis and am sure you are struggling for answers to many questions.  My wife, now deceased, was diagnosed with small cell in June, 2017 and passed away 11 months later.  Starting out we knew the survival rates, once the cancer had spread, were really poor but we opted for the standard chemo therapy knowing that this was not a permanent solution but hoping some new effective treatment would emerge and potentially be effective for her.  She tolerated the standard chemo very well and did not cause suffering and she showed good improvement for three months and at the end of the six month treatment plan we were informed that the chemo treatments were no longer working (we knew that there was no permanent benefit from the chemo) and opted for an immunology drug called opdivo which she tolerated well but proved ineffective.  At that point she chose to discontinue treatment and go into hospice and she did not suffer.
     No one can tell you what to do.  I can say that I am sure her life was extended for several months, that she was able to enjoy family and friends up until her last week of life and the treatments were very tolerable.  I can also say that I know the chemo treatments are usually effective for longer period than what my wife experienced and pray there is now some better treatment available for you.
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    Curt reacted to Lisa L in Pet scan   
    Tom that made me smile so big ..Curt I will be checking in on you ..you guys are the best.
    Love and Light ❤️
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    Curt reacted to Tom Galli in Pet scan   
    I just read a "study" that states, unequivocally, Hawaiian vacations are the best therapy for troubling lung nodules..... 
    Stay the course.
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    Curt got a reaction from Rower Michelle in Thank you   
    Bes my father opted for hospice after it was clear the treatment for his lung cancer was not having the desired results.  It was difficult for me and others to accept, but I did get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him during that period.  I am grateful we were given that time to spend together free of doctors, hospitals, scans and treatments.  I believe he was grateful for the reprieve as well.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.  
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    Curt reacted to Rower Michelle in MRI Scheduled 2-6   
    The results are in- no cancer on the spine!  The Alectinib knocked it out!  Thanks to my national support team for the good wishes & prayers! 
    Chest CT is 2-18..... forward march!  
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