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Big John

cindi o'h

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It was three years ago today that I lost my "little" bother, Johnny, to lung cancer. He was so very sick at diagnosis and had already defeated colon cancer two years before. The doctors were able to extend his life just a few more months which for me was a huge gift.

I took Big John fishing every chance I got. We both loved to fish and were compatible fishing companions.

Johnny left behind a young son, Jay, who was 4 years old when his daddy died. That was John's biggest sorrow about leaving this earth, "what about my boy?"

Johnny was a sweet and gentle giant and I am grateful that we were able to spend some quality time together before he passed away. I slept on the floor of his hospital room, I gave him good back scratches, I held his head as he sobbed about his fears...

I am thankful that I had the courage and maturity to stand beside him and hopefully help to ease his fears.

Cindi o'h

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I am also sorry for your pain and in some ways know what you are dealing with. This Thursday (Oct. 14) will be the one year anniversary date of the loss of my Dad. This has been an extremely difficult week for me. My heart aches for the loss of my Dad and it is the worst thing I have ever experienced. I am still trying to come to terms with the loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this time.


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I am so sad to read about your brother. My condolences. My father was from Minnesota and lived on a lake and always was ice fishing. He loved to fish. I lived in CA and MO., not close enough for me to enjoy the fishing. He lived in Zimmerman, MN.. Not too far from Anoka, he was born and raised in, I think Glendale or Brainard. Beautiful there, but oh so cold. Hope you are doing well...

God Bless and prayers,


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Even though it's been three years, it still hurts, doesn't it? I know, and I am so sorry. I've lost my mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas, and others, but I just can't imagine losing my dear brother or one of my dear sisters. It's painful for me to even think about it. I'm so glad you got to spend that time with your brother, even sleeping on the floor at the hospital. You will never forget that special time you had with him, and I'm just glad you were able to be there.

I'm so sorry for this great loss, and hope that as more years pass by, the pain will be less and less, but the wonderful memories will make you smile.



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