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Lung Cancer Article


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Thanks for sharing. I still think we can do something. 10 years ago, AIDS was a death sentence, now it is a managable disease, so no giving up, and I think we can find our own Katie Couric, it may not save people now who have it, but it may and it it may make a difference for the future. :D

PS I wish Mom could have read that, well said.

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I wrote a letter to the editor of Madison Magazine in response to Dave's article. Here it is, for those who are interested.


Thank you for Mary Feingold's excellent article on lung cancer and "the stigma."

Cancer takes years to develop. American society conveniently ignores the fact that people who have lung cancer now became smokers long before smoking became socially unacceptable. And we forget that nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance; smokers try and fail many times before quitting "for good." It's not that they aren't trying.

Worldwide, lung cancer is the most common cancer killer. Yet as smoking declines in the United States, American tobacco companies target other nations. Better funding for tobacco avoidance and cessation, lung cancer treatment and supportive care could enhance the health of not only Americans, but the entire world.

Blaming the victim makes it far too easy for the National Institutes of Health to go on underfunding research into this devastating and widespread disease. Courageous fighters like Dave Grant and Joan Schiller deserve better.

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What an excellent article. Has ALL of the info and facts all in one article. I printed it up. I am currently trying to get my local ABC news station to do a story, ANY story on lung cancer for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. I also happened to mention in my e-mail to them that the 2-3 stories per week in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month were very interesting.

Unfortunately, still no response. Imagine that!


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