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A pass I do not want but need.


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Need a pass for 5 days a week for 7 weeks in a row,

till December 22nd, will be having tests during that time

and I will stay at the Quebec Foundation for Cancer during the week.

May try to come on the forum, during the weekend, but

not sure yet.

Wishing you all the best during that time.



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Yikes, Jackie....I betcha that looks like one looooong road ahead of you, full of tests. :( We'll miss hearing from you, but will mentally send you off each week with best wishes and positive vibes.

Remember....just like Motel 6, we'll keep the light on for you here, ok? :wink: Check in weekends if you can, but know we're thinking of you and missing you either way.

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Thank you for the good wishes,

all will be fine as I will have some volunteer

work in between tests, I already stayed at the

Foundation in 1999 (5 weeks) and met Tofu a Schnauzer,

this year we will again work in the wards for children.

Tofu is only older and so am I, but we made a

good team in 1999 so this year should even go

better and be more fun for all, enjoying life has

no age limit.

Will be watching for jokes to bring back.

Ry, thank you for the house shape pass.

Best to all


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