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I'm new here but not new to cancer. I already posted regarding some post operative pain and I really appreciate the replies. I put the basics in the form of a signature and all I can add is that I am a 46 year old former smoker, quit when I found out I had tonsil cancer in 8/02. I will be starting post-op radiation on Monday and my pain is pretty much gone. I did the radiation deal for the tonsil so this has got to be easier. I belong to an Oral Cancer site that is very similar to this one and I hope I can make a contribution as I learn more about this particular cancer.


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Hi Glenn,

Welcome to this site.

You have been through the mill, my friend...no doubt. Since you have already been lurking about, then you know we have a lot of great people here who have a lot of wisdom to share.

If you are going to be starting radiation treatments on Monday, then I am thinking you have had your tatoos and simulation all set up... Are you going to have radiation to the area of the hilum?

Keep us posted on how everything goes and if there is anything that you think we can help you with. I am thinking that with your experience, that you will be able to help us with a lot of stuff.

Already, good luck with your treatments.

Cindi o'h

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Welcome Glenn,

You will as I am sure already know, find support here. I have found out many things here at this site that were not discussed with me before my surgery. One thing I have learned is time heals most things as far as the recovery from surgery. I have probably lifelong numbness on my back and side and front were they took out 2 ribs and did the cutting. Even from the tubes iin my abdomen it is numb there also.Constant stomach pain. Nothing enough for medecine but just from the movement of the stomach up against my ribs. Lifelong prilosec medecine for acid. There is hope and there are many good people on this site. Hope all goes weel for you.


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Hi Glenn and WELCOME to LCSC. It sounds like you have had one heckuva rough road. I'm glad you found us, though, and hopefully we will be able to assist you many times, and you us!

We scratch each other's backs here, and there's nothing much better than a good back scratchin'.

Once again, WELCOME, and God bless,


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