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Cindy RN

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Ativan, Lorazapam, valium, however you want to name it.

Or a FACIAL !!!! You won't care what they put on your face after that!!!

I vote sinus trouble---I have it often, and one year I was sure it was a brain tumor, until coworkers had the same thing.


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I am keeping every single movable body part crossed that the MRI itself isn't too rough on you (NOT my favorite thing to do), and that the results show something everyday, typical, easily treated, benign, and not a tumor or tumor related problem.

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Well I made it thru the MRI. Not as bad this time as last.

I called the Dr office yesterday afternoon and I had forgotten they were off on Wed. :evil:

So I called this am and some fill in nurse said "oh we will call you when we hear anything!' I hate it when I KNOW all she had to do was pull up the results on her stupid computer which is sitting right in front of her!! :twisted:

This is not the same nurse he had 4 yrs ago when this all first started. She left about a yr ago to work at the hospital!

Oh well, patience, I need patience. I am just tired of so much pain meds for these headaches.

Thanks for the response. Let you know when I do get results.

Love Cindy

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