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Dad came home from the hospital today


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Dad is home now. He had the fluid drained and the talc was put in to, hopefully, prevent this from happening again. He is SOOO tired, he sleeps CONSTANTLY. I know that this was a painful procedure, and that it must have taken alot out of him...I am just so scared that he won't bounce back-even just a little. Tomorrow my mom will make Dads appt. with his oncologist, to see what is to be done next. The thing that bothers me is that when one of the doctors from the Onc. office went to see Dad in the hospital, Dad asked "whats next, doc?" the doctor said, 'well, thats up to you" and Dad said "No, its up to you. Whatever you want to do" the doctor simply smiled and said, "lets see what hapens".

What does that mean? Is this guy figuring that dads days are numbered and why make them worse with chemo side effects? I mean, I know that he said chemo could be done even if the fluid couldn't be drained, chemo could be done...but we would have to consider Dads "quality of life", than he said, "look, this is hard to talk about over the phone, lets see how Richie does".

Did I ever mention that my dads name is Richie? I don't think I have. Its so weird, he's just Dad to me...

Tomorrow is Daddys birthday. The only gift I want to give him is impossible, but its the most important thing...

I want to give him his health :cry: . Deb

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Dear Deb,

It sounds like your dad is pulling thru this procedure, which was really difficult - sleep will re-fuel him. As far as the doctor goes, i would try my best to pin him down when you meet with him. What exactly does he think of Chemo. If your Dad wants chemo, then he should have chemo. Please give him a big hug for his birthday tomorrrow and tell him 400 plus people are wishing him good health and a happy, peacful day. :)


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I can't say I hate the answer the doctor gave to you all strongly enough. I hate that doctor and I don't even know him. What kind of answer is that? Why can't they be even a little bit human?

Please try to stay strong. I don't know what is going to happen but please know that you and your dad are in my thoughts constantly.

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The most important gift is your love. And you have made him a rich man in that department. My daughter's and sons' love means everything to me. I bet he feels the same way...

I will keep praying that the Talc Pleurodesis works well and that he feels stronger very soon.

Fay A.

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One Step at a time! Your dad did well getting the fluid off now he will get his strenght back after a good sleep! :D


Happy Birthday Hug for your Dad (((((((((HUG)))))))) :D

Hang in there Deb! Be thinking & praying for your Dad & you



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From one daughter of a special dad to another, I know how it is to read into what exactly doctors mean. But, Im thinking maybe you read him wrong. Maybe he just meant, "what do you want to do, are you up for the fight?" Maybe he didnt want to burden your father at that moment, he couldve just wanted him to rest.

I hope he has a great birthday!

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Guest Jonathan

I think that the onc. is wrong in wording it like that, howveer he may not have ment it that way. I think that what he means is that your dad can choose what he would like to do- aggressive treatment (which would probably risk the quality of life, however, increasing the quantity of life or potential for a possible cure) or be treated palliatively (meaning with less aggressive methods, which would prolong life and increase the quality of life during that time.) This is what i think the onc meant, although he was an *ss for not just saying so. Oncologists can be so pig headed, and arrogant. If you are not comfortable with him, take the time to get your dad a new one. The oncologist is supposed to lay the terms of what he feels is best for the patient, and THEN ask the patient if he/she agress with it. That is why they are paid so well. This guy is plain wierd and creepy to me.

What chemos has dad been on so far?

Looking forward to your response.....

Jonathan te11t@aol.com

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