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The News!!


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Ok, I am trying no to be negative so someone slap me.

OK here is what the Onc. said.

Two of the Three brain tumors are gone. The third is very very small. I think maybe the radiation and chemo will continue to work on that one. I dont see any visible tumor on the X-Ray so for now I am giving you a chemo break. Tomorrow we get a call from Albany Medical Center Cancer Unit and get the PET scan appt. If that comes up clear. They will loosley use the word "remission" until the next brain scan and then use the word remission fully if that brain scan is clear. She still coughs and he didn't seem the least bit concerned about that. He does want to see her in 1 1/2 months again. I think for new x-ray or scan but I am not sure because I was not in the room and she doesn't ask these questions.

I am very happy but they always pull you back from total thrills-ville by saying we still need the PET scan to see if there is anything in the body. So yes the head is clearing out but we are now waiting on the body.

the pessemist side of me says "do the freaking PET scan today so we can enjoy the summer" the optomist side of me says "Its gonna be ok"

so I am continuing my novenas and constant prayers until the PET scan is done.

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I am REJOICING in the good news you posted today!! Sounds like the doctors are optimistic - I know you will feel better after the scan. Will keep you both in my prayers also to hear that wonderful REMISSION word!!


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The news is GREAT! It really couldn't be much better! I feel sure that the remaining brain tumor will continue to shrink until it disappears (we were told that the radiation "keeps on working" for six months or more). I hope the next round of tests goes well.....


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Celebrate Good Times Come ON! It's a old song that came into my mind just now.

I agree the news really couldn't be better! I have also been told the the radiation continues to work like six months later.

With the chemo break and radiation over with your mom should get her strength back. I think the PET scan is just insurance to confirm what they believe to be TRUE. How does your mom feel about the results? Can you try to take a break and let your nerves settle a little. Plan a trip somewhere where your mom would like to go. Schedule it awhile down the road so that she might recover a bit first. This will give the family something to look forward to.

I couldn't be happier for you and your entire family.

HUGS, Shelly

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Thanks all. Yes I finially for the first time in almost 7 months took a deep breath. Mom is still cautious though. She wants the PET to come clean. They scheduled the PET for next friday 7/18. I am taking her down to Albany Medical Center and I know they wont read it then but just to be with her is comforting to me.

Get this....last night when I brought fish fry's to moms to celebrate. I was reading the ONC. report. (CT report actually) it said "16 of 17 tumors have responded completely to radiation and 1 small tumor on front temperal lobe remains. I feel radiation and chemo will continue to work on this site. May follow up with static surgery in 6 weeks if no further progress is made"

I was told by my parents that mom had 3 brain tumors. She had 17 total. I was angry with them but they said I just could not handle the worry. I said 3 or 17 cancer is cancer. why would you not tell me. mom said look how upset you are now and they are gone already. OK CWD is back and anger with it.

then she said I needed a life and told me my rabbit (Jack my rabbit whom I bring to her house every day to antogonize her dog) was too fat and I should stop feeding him so much. ( I dont have kids, I have animals) She hates my ferrets and wont let them in her house cause they chew everything too.

anyway so yes she was right my CWD kicked in after the brain tumors were already gone. Now I am praying for the PET to be clean. and praying harder nothing comes back.

thank you all so much for prayers.

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Oh Shelly Ive been looking for a post like this regarding your mother!! This is GREAT news!!!!! Its the first step, now the PET will be the next step in the good news!!! Cant wait to see that post. Im still praying for your mother too!!!! Sending a hug for you!!!

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