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Upper GI is done....

Fay A.

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Don't have the definitive answer, but it appears that a small portion of the small bowel is being strangulated by the diaphram. Not constantly, but even a short amount of time causes problems.

Just got home, so I don't know what we'll do to correct the problem. I'm just relieved to finally have an answer that makes sense.

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Holding all good thoughts for you Fay, and just glad you have an answer as to what's been causing this bleeding and pain.

Whatever it takes.....we're here for support....but let's get this taken care of. Let us know if there is anything special we can do, but know you've got our best already...ok?

Thinking of you...waiting with you for more word...

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Fay did the doc call yet?


No. I am not any worse off today than I was yesterday or the day before, so I'm not panicking because I haven't heard from them. But at the very first sign this is getting worse I'm heading for the ER.

I've attained a remission of stage four metastatic Lung Cancer. Excuse my language, but I'll be d@*$#d if I'm going to let me die over a strangulated gut.

I am taking it easy, though. I'm spending a fair amount of time in bed, because being stretched out helps to keep things from kinking up inside, and eases the pain to a certain point. So I won't be on the board as often as I would like until this latest mess is resolved.

Thanks for asking, Andrea.

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Sounds like a good plan Fay!! I like that you are cautious and if it gets worse will go to ER. Better to play it safe that way.

Rest up and feel good b/c once Dave reaches remission status too , I was talking to Karen and hopefully the Chapmans will come visit us in California and we will all meet up :) It was determined that you live about an hour or two north of Aunt Becky.

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