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Back on the Roller Coaster


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Well it looks like I'm back on the roller coaster. My last scan revealed an enlarged lymph node in the same area of the chest were my tumor was located. I had a PET scan and there was uptake. The oncologist thinks it’s a recurrence. I'm having a bronchial scope done nest Thursday so it can be biopsied. I'm hopeful it's not a recurrence, but if it is at least its small and the CT/PET scan does not indicate activity anywhere else. Unfortunately, if it is back the oncologist wants to do chemo and radiation. I know from my last experience that I can handle the chemo but the radiation will be something new. Oh well, I guess I was getting too comfortable.

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Oh Kevin.

I am so sorry that you are riding again...

We have had a lot of recurrences lately, so you are not without company.

I do like that you are willing to do what it takes. Radiation and chemo are no fun, but worked so far for me. I had chemo once a week and radiation just once a day. While I was going through the treatments two years ago, I was reading that the survival increased with treatments set up two times a day instead of one.

Now, I am seeing many people start their radiation out this way. Lower doses are used each time and there are fewer side effects and the radiation is more effective.

You are a young, strong, healthy guy with a great family behind you.. You can do this Kevin!

ps..how 'bout a beer.. there is a costume party going on and Frank's buying!

love, Cindi o'h

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This stinks and you must be feeling pretty discouraged. We will just hope and pray that this new thing is absolutely nothing.

In December, my husband got a brain MRI written report from the radiologist that said he had two new brain mets - NOT!!!!! Two radiation oncologists reviewed the films themselves and said they were NOT new, they were two of the old ones. We were pretty upset about the two new mets, but were THRILLED that the radiologist made a "mistake". So, hopefully, you have a similar experience.



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Hoping first and foremost that the test results are wrong..wouldn't be the first time that a Pet "lit up" for no reason..

Will be keeping all things crossed until your biopsy....

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Hi Kevin,

Like Andrea said there are false positives. It happens all the time. Hope that is your case.

Keep us informed. Keeping my fingers crossed that all will turn out in your favor.

Keep that positive attitude going!!


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Oh Kevin,

Many hopes and prayers that this is scar tissue or something silly and that you never have to get on that darn roller coaster again.

I am sure you are bummed, and I have no answers to make it easier during this wait. But if it is a recurrence, it looks like you caught it early and that is good news.

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I hope that this will be a false alarm for you.

If not, know that you can handle radiation therapy just as smoothly as you did the chemo. I personally didn't have any problems with 6 weeks radiation except being a little tired.

Hang in there, sending good luck your way,


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