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Fighting on!


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Dad is home and doing much better. To recap, dad went to the hospital because he was feeling crappy last Thursday. By going to the hospital he broke the hospice contract. It's okay if he wants to go, we will tak him!

Dad just wanted to feel better, he does believe that the docs have all the answers. He got a thoracenthesis for 4 days. I had to fight with the nitwit intern doctor and the pulmonligist who said to give up the battle. I got dad home earlier than they wanted him to go home. We now are with a differnet hospice. The nurse who comes is very negative, she said that the thoracenthesis( fluid drainage) was unsuccesful, she has said this 3 times. She said dad is at end stage, again she has said this a few times. She said dad is in denial, because he doesnt want a hospital bed. He doesn't need it, he is walking again. Some hopsice nurses just want you to die!!

We just continue. We have 4-6 people here 24 hours a day helping dad. we offer him food, give him the meds, encourage him to walk, talk to him. In 4 days, he has improved. He continues to defy the odds. He eats even though he has no appetite, he tries to walk despite not having strenght. I think he does it for us. He has not given up just yet. I thank all of you for encouraging me to keep on fighting. We can see more quality time in the near future!


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When one of the Hospice Nurses who was present during my Mother's illness made comments like that we went to the director of that particular Hospice and had her replaced. (I heard later that she had been terminated for failing to perform her duties and described by the company rules.) You may want to call her boss.

Fay A.

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I've heard people use the term Cancer Warrior, and that seems to really apply to your dad. He sounds like a true Warrior, a fighter, so strong and determined. The battle isn't over, and I am so happy to hear that he's been doing better every day.

I am praying for you and your dad every day. I'm sending up some extra ones right now.


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The human spirit was made for fighting - it wants to fight - it needs to

fight or it dies... it just needs a good manager. Sounds like your dad is one heck of a manager - and fighter! But you should really get rid of the insensitive nurse(s) as soon as possible. Your dad deserves better. Take care.

David P.

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