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5 FOR 3/10


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I guess I'll give it a go:

1.) Life - so precious!

2.) My husband who loves me so very much, even when I wake up cranky!

3.) My canaries who seem to be contemplating parenthood at the moment - that would be so sweet!

4.) All the beautiful people on this site who pray for me daily. Thanks!

5.) A new pair of shoes that actually feel & look good on my bloated feet!

Gee, this isn't so hard after all!

Hugs & prayers,


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1. That I realized sooner rather than later that my new job that I felt

was so great. Was not so great after all and I found a better place to

be employed starting the first of April.

2. Me and my oldest son Keith are going shopping today and spending

some quality time together.

3. A old friend Greg stopped over to visit my family last night.

4. We found a loving home for one of the kittens. The darker grey one.

Once he turns 8 weeks old.

5. Survivor is on tonight and I am going to Cindi's pub to watch.

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I love this daily 5, and even though I am REALLY cranky today, it is probably more important today than ever to look for items to be thankful for.

1. roasted red peppers

2. chiropractors

3. Food Network

4. my kitties, O'Malley and Sweetie Gonzalez

5. my shopping list and menu are done for the week


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Yep, it is good for the soul to think of the good things in our life.

1. A guy from work coming over to take Earl's really old, really big tools that I can neither use nor sell.

2. The guy from the moving company giving me what I think is a fair estimate for the move.

3. Survivor on tonight, I know someone else said this.

4. My cyber friends

5. Appt for a manicure after work.

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1. fell in the kitchen today and was able to eventually get up.

2. good news on the mammogram today...clear

3. turns out my boobs are fine, they are just getting older! (nothing wrong with getting older!)

4. Dr. Gordon's skillful injections in my neck to relieve pain from slipping on ice last week.

5. daffodils and a cobalt blue vase. pretty!

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I am late on 3/10, but here goes:

1. The robes at the breast center were nice and big!!!

2. The people at the breast center were very nice.

3. My parents sat and waited with me yest

4. I had nachos for dinner which I had been craving

5. The mammogram did not hurt at all

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