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5 for 3/15


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1.) My Hubbie gave me a wonderful rubdown last night. He does most everynight but last night he hit just the right spots!

2.) My Mothers grandmother clock chiming on the wall. It doesn't keep great time any more but it is so beautiful to me.

3.) Peaceful morning meditation - even my Cockatiel is being quiet!

4.) Comfie, snuggly robe.

5.) My Grandmother's anniversary clock chiming in the bedroom (3 minutes later than Mom's clock). Again, it doesn't keep great time any more but it is so beautiful to me.

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1) Allergies - lets me know that spring is REALLY "in the air"

2) Being able to wear jeans and sneakers to work today after heels yesterday (my feet hurt)

3) Knowing that all things in life have a trade-off...I either have the time or I have the money, but never both.

4) The snow back is receding on the frozen mud at my front door

5) Knowing that every now and then, a small action causes a snowball effect that is positive and stronger with every turn...and that sometimes the best way to change the outside is to change the inside.

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1) Hubby being ultra supportive as I try to get a side business up and going

2) Frank is back

3) My 6 yr old getting 3 super star wows at school yesterday AND she didn't have to sit out recess

4) David C's empty head

5) The wonderful amazing people here who share wisdom and kind words at the drop of a hat.

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1. Frank being home

2. Cindi's disappearing act.

3. Bill's wife is improving.

4. A nice late afternoon walk with Charlie--our first; I finally got him out of the house.

5. My improving health--finally getting out of the funk I was in.


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