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CPT 11-Treatment Failure


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Hi! I finished my six rounds of CPT 11 and had my Scans. Saw my Onco on Monday and got the results. Expected it would not be good as the CEA was rising during treatment.

The drug did not work at all for me and my cancer was growing and spreading during treatment! Most of the tumors that were wiped out by 1st line are back and a few new ones. I was more than upset!

Today, I started Taxotere, hoping this will hold it, at least stable, for awhile. They give Benedryl with this and I am feeling like a drunk, tonight!

Please do not take as against CPT 11; this is ME not everone! We are all different! All prayers are gratefully accepted! Thanks to all my friends on this loving site! Marge

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what was your 1st line treatment?

i had 6 mos of cisplatin/cpt11 (irinotecan). excellent results.

switched to a maintainence/cleanup regimine of cpt11 only for 2 mos.

no go. things started coming back.

did two more months of cisplatin/cpt11

doesn't work anymore...

started gemzar/navelbine yesterday.

chemo every two weeks with CATs every two months.

let me know how your next scan turns out and i'll do the same.

has anyone else used other drugs for relapsed ESCLC? and what results?


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CPT-11 didn't work for Dave, either. He had the Japanese cocktail, CPT-11 and cisplatin - and he got lots of new growth while on this combination. It seems to work for the Japanese but the genetics in race are just different enough it doesnt' work as well for other races, I read that somewhere on the internet in my flurry of trying to figure out what's going on with Dave.

He's now TRYING to get topotecan but never gets its because of low plateletts. but you might consider that, Addie is on it as well -


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You will be in my prayers!

After finishing my first line chemo and chest radiation I ended up with 4 brain mets - the liver and adrenal gland clear. Had 5 "doses" of Campostar and Taxol - scans showed mets gone.

Brain scan 2 mo's later showed 15 to 20 brain mets so I'm back on the Campostar and Taxol as she wants to "narrow the field" before WBR. I sure hope that's what it's doing. I did read a "Google Alert" that there was a clinical trial somewhere using Campostar (spelling?) for recurrent ESCLC and they were looking at about 40% reduction but I can't remember the percentage of people it worked as they had hoped.

God Bless you!

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