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I decided who I look like - I LOVE prednisone!


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I decided who I look like yesterday when we were driving in the car, I looked over in the side mirror and .....................I'm Marlon Brando with thicker darker hair!! :D:D:D hahaha

Anyone see the remake of the Island of Doctor Marao (sp?), it's me and I don't mean that young tiny looking tiger girl who danced all around. I'm talking the fat guy in the Moomoo!

I love Prednisone!

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yeah, Beth. And I look like the new Jerry Lewis..ewwww. I have been on these things since Thanksgiving! !!!!

I'm comin' for movie night...push over. And a glass of ice cold cherry kool-aid to go with the buttery popcorn! What's showing?

Cindi o'h

(jim you crack me up!)

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Yo Beth,

You are too funny, in fact you all are :lol:

Just in case you can't find anything to rent from the video stores, may I suggest the TV series 24. That of course is, if you don't follow it on the telli...

It is commercial free and we are so hooked on it. Gives us something to really look foward too. We just finished the 2nd season, and poo the 3rd is not out yet.

Bye my Kristy Ally's


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