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Update on me and Mum


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Hi everyone

It's been ages since I posted so I thought I would drop a quick update before Easter and take the opportunity to wish everyone a nice little holiday. I haven't been posting much of late as I've been finding it all a bit hard over the last few months. :(:(

Mum was diagnosed with brain mets in January and has had two weeks of WBR and in a couple of weeks will be having chest and brain scans to see where things are at. She seems to be doing pretty well, although very tired, but I seem to have gone through a bit of a stage of feeling helpless and hopeless again. I know this phase doesn't last forever but it's just hard when it's happening.

I do have exciting news in that I have recently fallen pregnant (am now into Week 15). It is our first baby so my husband and I are pretty excited about it all. Mum and Dad have moved to the same city as all their children so it is wonderful to have them so much closer by.

So anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you all know I have been checking in most day but haven't been very helpful at providing much support, so my apologies for that. I do think of you all so often though, and am still praying for that cure for everyone here affected by lung cancer.

Love to all of you



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I'm so glad you checked in!!! And YAYYYY!!!!! Congratulations on the baby on the way!!! Oh do keep us posted on the pregnancy!

I'm sorry your in that place of helpless and hopeless. I will be praying for your mama, and for you that you are able to continue clinging to hope and have some peace.


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Hi Jana.

Hang in there with your Mum. This will get better. Each day is a new day and each day we have another chance at seeing where our emotions will lead us.

This is scary what your Mum is going through. I am glad that you will be closer to her. That may help to see that she is doing all right.

Love to you, Karen, and Mum.

Cindi o'h

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Dear Jana,

Good to see you posting. How wonderful about the new baby -- that'll help all of you, including your mum, get through whatever has to be gotten through. Now you have the little one to work for as well as your mother!

Keep us posted. Hope the WBR goes well for your mum and that her results are everything you're hoping for.


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Jana: congratulations on your soon to arrive new baby. It is nice that your floks live nearby now.

I hope the scans turn out good for your mom.

The avatar is a picture of me and my first grandchild, a boy, whose name is Keaton. He is 6 weeks old now.

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