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My Alimta 3 update


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Why do doctors act like we (the patients) should know what to do?! My doctor just figured out that I was NOT using inhalers for wheezinng and made me feel like I should know that I needed them...........anyway, that made me a little mad!

Had Alimta #3 today, feeling rough....little nausea and cranky from the steriods. Gained more weight (surprise!).

Am having a pelvis and abdomonal CT Scan on 04/11 to see where we are with the Alimta. I asked if the chemo was working how many treatments there would be and he said since it's so well tolerated we would always do it, now he didn't say how long in between treatments, right now it's three weeks.

Other then that, not much to comment on. Here's to Alimta working and getting rid of all my junk!!!!!

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Keeping my eye on you. Sounds like overall you are doing well with the Alimta. Will be saying lots of prayers for you and will be anxiously waiting for the scans on the 11th. Mike just got his 6th Alimta treatment Monday. He will get scans on the 18th and get the results on the 25th. If the treatment is working , his onc will say continue and he will. Over all, his tolerance has been pretty good. He does get tired , but he says he can handle it if that's all that happens. Keep up your wonderful sense of humor and the great fighting spirit. Let your weight be the least of your worries. I am overweight and don't have anything to blame ... no steroids or anything, just my own lack of discipline. :( Just know your Virginia buddies are keeping our eye on you...

Love, Sue and Mike

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Good for you Beth! Glad to hear some more good news. When my dad went to the doc yesterday, my parents called me from his office to ask me what line of chemo he just got down here in Virginia!!!!!!! Hello.........wouldn't they have that in the notes somewhere! Sometimes I wonder why we pay these knuckleheads! Keep up your incredible attitude!


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I got stuff crossed for you lady!

I agree with CharlieD and all ...you are doing great! Keep it up!

Whatever it takes to keep you around..!

love, Cindi o'h

(by the way, Tammy and I are hitting the bar tonight! She had a special request in a pm..you wanna join us? We're going to be laughin' and cryin' and drinkin' and singin' and passing out somewhere in a corner...sound like fun? C'mon!)

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From one pudgy to another...good to see ya and to see that this regimen so far is tolerable....keep it up.

I just finshed my 8th cycle of cisplatin and CPT-11. It's finally taking its toll, I'm pretty whooped and getting pudgier. I am now starting a 2 month chemo break and man I need it...just in time for spring and fish'n.

Hang tuff pretty lady :lol:



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Took a nap today and when I woke up felt like crap! Lots of pain in my left side. I really wish I could handle pain like I could before cancer. Before cancer I just bit the bullet and went on, now it's just too hard because there has been so much. The doc says he has no problems with the amount of drugs I'm taking which makes me feel better, I told him I just can't handle things like I use to, he agreed.

After the lobectomy when none of the pain killers would work I just dealt with the pain, there is no way I could do it now!

I'm finding it hard being at home and not working, I'm lonely and bored. Hoping that the reduction in steriods and a little lose of weight will help get the breathing better in check and I can do something.

Thanks for eveyone's support

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Hang in there Beth. I think of you often and your always in my prayers.

I feel the same way about handling pain. I never had a problem prior to

lc. Everything sound good though, so hopefully the Alimta is working!!!

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You still have your sense of humor - I love your little avitar muching away - reminds me of ME. Tomorrow is 4/1/05 the day I promised myself to start my diet. I'll let you know how THAT goes! Please feel better soon. Don't be lonely, we're here. Just type away.


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