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5 for 3/31


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1) Heavy rains last night, washed away the snow in my yard

2) It's ALMOST the weekend

3) Tying up loose ends at the old job today, should be quiet since my phone no longer rings there

4) Only planning on putting in an eight-hour day today and heading home

5) Working in the plant so I can wear JEANS and sneakers

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1. My sisters doctors appointment is today. { been along wait }.

2. My son Kevin's team lost yesterday but, he played a really good game.

3. Called for rain today but so far its a sunny day.

4. Getting closer to moving. { so ready to do this and be done. }

5. Survivor is tonight.

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1. This website where I can come and feel not so alone

2. The peole here who can understand and support better than even my

very best friends can

3. New cyber friends

4. Special people on this site who will be in my heart forever

5. Katie and Rick for their tireless work to make this possible for us

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1. That Kasey's surgery went so well,

2. Tomorrow my girls come home.

3. It is almost spring!

4. Ex and I are cooperating on Katy's sweet 16 party planning.

The TH nextdoor is empty no more -- a sweet toddler and her parents have moved in.

Love to all,


Prayers, always,


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1. A Philly cheese steak with sauce and fried onions, decadent but delicious.

2. Jeopardy, I still love it after all these years

3. That Gretchen and Meredith are still on Amazing Race, good news for AARP members

4. A new lavender spring jacket

5. The amazing kindness of the people here

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