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Ron still in ICU but is getting stronger


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Hi all,

Just came from the hospital - Ron has had the catheter removed (he wouldn't go to sleep last night just in case he missed the doctor) and the tube which was draining the fluid from the pericardium. He's now able to get in and out bed on his own and has started to eat normally (or what might be abnormally for some - too much). The dietician is having to chat with him about what better choices to make - he's diabetes counts are way out of whack (19.7 - normal is 5-7). So that's it for the chocolate milk!!!

He has seen his oncologist but I haven't been there at the time. Therefore, I don't know if all samples of fluid (pleural effusion from R lung and fluid from pericardial effusion)and biopsy of tissue from pericardium show malignancy but I do know the expectation for the beginning of treatment is within four or five days. Ron could be sent to a medical floor now but there aren't any beds available.

We're pleased with his status at this point.

Have to run to deal with the public - the work thing is really interfering with the crisis!

Thanks for keeping up in your prayers.


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Glad to hear of his progress. When Ken had liver surgery (3 weeks ago)the dietician came in to talk to him and he just lit up with a big grin. He thought he was getting food! At this point he had nothing by mouth for about 5 days. Alas, she just wanted to give him some general info and ask some questions. He finally got to eat the next day, and that is when he really starting hurting!

Karen H

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