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update on husband

nancy c

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First -I would like to thank all of you for your concern and support. It makes me so happy to know so many people are concerned. I don't feel so alone.

Mike was admitted this morning as he has continued to have nausea and vomitting. He still has the extreme swelling of his ankles and feet.They started an iv for him and he is getting iv morphine along with his oral oxycontin for pain; he is also getting iv nauesea drugs. His ekg of the heart was abnormal and they did echocardiogram and the cardiologist was to see him. He is going to recieve albumin iv along with lasix to try to get some of his fluid retention resolved. He recieved a vit k shot-his INR is over 5 and he hasn't had his coumadin for his chemo port for a few days.They have done ultrasound of the lower legs and dopler of his left arm and those are normal. His total protein is very abnormal along with his liver function tests.Oncol says he is ill either due to the poor nutrition caused by nauesa and vomitting and the chemo or the disease has progressed and he may have liver involvement.i am praying it's the nutrition --so we can fix that. If there extensive liver involvement-i don't know what to think or do.Will keep everyone posted. Pray for him please. god bless you all,nancy :(

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Poor Mike has so many things going on right now, he must feel like he--. Being in the hospital is absolutely the right place and I bet that you feel better with him being there.

They can now take care of all the things - and he too will feel better.

Here's a prayer for poor nutrition. Keep us posted.

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Dear Nancy,

Your stress level must be way above tolerable. I know - been there, done that. Poor Mike! Please tell him we really care and prayers are being said for him. You hang in there, too. Keep us updated. I know it makes me feel better just to have a world out there that will listen.

Love and hugs,


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You are right - you are NOT alone. We are all here to worry with you and suppost you.

Here are prayers that the docs get all things under control and Mike is back on track.

Let us know how things go today - when you can.


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