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Port Question


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For those of you who have a port, I have a question. Mom is having a horrible burning sensation under her arm. She says it happens about 50 times a day, lasting for a minute or two and the pain is just unbearable--like someone has a torch right at her armpit.

We're wondering if something is going wrong with her port... Could that be it? Any similar experiences?

btw--I'm finally back in the midwest and with her again. She loves her grandbaby. :)


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John has never had pain. I had a picc line for several weeks and never experienced pain. I think you need to call about it. They can check it and make sure its still in place with an x-ray.

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I'm not sure if this helps, but when Bill was in the hospital and the nurse noted that he had been taking meds for chest/rib/shoulder pain and then realized he had a port, she asked if his pain was a burning pain in that area and remarked that the port may have caused an infection. Then she realized that the pain was on his right side and his port was on his left side. I agree with Don and the others and think it is something that she should have her doctor take a look at.

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