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5 New mets to the brain


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Today was a shocker as Jeff went to Doctors Hospital for removal of 1 brain met and Dr. Wolf found 5! He Gamma Knifed them all and also informed us that all 8 of his previous mets are completely gone, so that is good. Tomorrow he has a new liver and lung scan but it will be a few days before we know that results. Prayers please and lift up our wonderful doctors (when we find them) :P

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Oh Boy! Sometimes...ARGHHH. My friend who was suppose to go with Jeff to get the liver/lung scan calls and says that Jeffrey never drank the white stuff and then he ate breakfast when he was suppose to fast. I sent him down stairs last night so he wouldn't forget..ah, hell. Anyway, it's rescheduled for Friday. As it turns out, it didn't matter anyway as he didn't really have an appointment. The nurse had never called down to confirm it. Thanks for all of your prayers and I too pray for all of us every day and night. I'm trying to work every day and I don't always get to respond to each person but know that I think of all of you. You are my lifeline!


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Hi Trish,

So glad the doctor was able to get rid of all those mets.

That certainly is a bummer about not having the appointment. You get yourself physiced up and then the let down. Now you have to wait for the test.

I pray for good clean scans.


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