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Claire's stopped smoking!


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I love her whatever she does but she phoned me up tonight bursting to tell me. It's apparently been four days and she wanted to wait to tell me until after she'd gone 3 days. This is her first quit attempt since her diagnosis and it came out of nowhere.

She said that when she got up on Thursday morning she managed to spill a cup of coffee over her last two ciggies. She went to microwave (??!!!) them to dry them out and thought "what the hell am I doing"? She hasn't had one since and she's proud as punch.

I know this is early days but as I said - it's come out of nowhere and she's thrilled. :D So am I. :D


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Dee for...

Well, good for her! At least her "shame" will be gone and she can hold her head high and join in with the rest of the world. I hope that is what this new freedom will allow her.

Thanks for the update, and I think you are an amazing friend to Claire. Did I miss your trip to Paris? Was thinking of you while you were gone.

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Great news!!! Cheers to Claire!!!! I haven't smoked since dx (6 mos.) and quit once before for 8 years. (Went back to it after a divorce from non-smoker and remarriage to smoker. Dumb huh?) Here are some tips for her, because it helps to have a plan to achieve success with quitting an addiction.

I kept nice crunchy carrot sticks in the fridge and chewed them when I felt like smoking. Crunchy things help the craving for a cigarette in your mouth and the carrot sticks are good for you.

I avoided behaviors that were linked in my mind with smoking. For the first 3 months, I had to avoid drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, writing on the computer. It was hard, but it lessened the times I craved a cigarette. After 3 months, I was able to do those things when I wanted without a craving.

I also psyched myself to think of quitting as a great reward - Yay, I don't have to inhale burning toxins anymore!! As opposed to feeling, Darn, I guess I better give up cigarettes.

Tell everyone you know that you've quit - people will give you praise and support to help you keep going. Also, it's harder to slide back when you know you have to admit it to alot of people who you know will be really disappointed.

Best wishes to Claire! One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time - whatever works!


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If Claire would be interested, I belong to a wonderful online smoking cessation support group. It's www.whyquit.com . Whether she joins or not, this site is loaded with educational material and lots of wonderful people. I quit smoking over 2 years ago after smoking 38 years and Mike quit when he got sick in 2001 , just prior to his cancer diagnosis. It's not always easy to quit, but it sure helps if you know all the benefits that you get from quitting and how to stay quit.


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Good for Claire. Quitting is not easy. I remember I didn't tell anyone for about a week -- fear of failure, I guess. I froze my last pack of cigarettes and didn't throw them out for about 10 years! As for the munchies, carrot sticks sound like a grreat idea. I became an addict to the sugarless lifesavers and still am some 20 years later. Don't quite know if the aspartame is good for me (controversial studies) but i know the nicotine was not.

You're a great friend to Claire.

Gail p-m

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