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Grew up with a cocker spaniel named Dixie Henrietta. When my mother moved to an apt., where she was not allowed to have dogs, she gave the dog to our postman who was going out on disability due to diabetes. They spoke to each other every week about the dog until my mother got too sick.

Move to present. Last night I was speaking with a neighbor at my new home. She was walking a Brittany spaniel, Earl and I had had a Brittany. I said, "Did you have a dog before Morgan?"

"Oh, yes, a cocker spaniel."

"So did I, named Dixie Henrietta".

Yep, her father was my mother's postman. My mother and her father both died in 1968, quite a while ago.


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Ginny, I love it when stuff like that happens! It's like a little message, isn't it?

My mother's parents died when she was 16 (1962, I think). When I brought home my very first busniess card after law school, my mom thought it looked familiar. After a little digging she produced one of her father's old business cards...

yep! of all the buildings in New York City, I was working in the same Queens building he worked in at some point!! That was the first time I really felt a connection to the grandfather I'd never met.

Love it.

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Do I hear the theme from Twilight Zone in the background? :wink:

What a wonderful story of a shared dog and how two families reconnected years down the road!

But then I've always said Dog People are some of the very best people around...and you, your mom, your old postman and his daughter certainly prove that out...eh? 8)

Neat little story, Ginny....and I too, thank you for continuing to hang out here a little bit. This place would not be the same without you!

Did you finish that baby blanket yet? Am I gonna get to see a picture of it? Please? :)

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Wow Ginny, very very small world... and I don't believe anything happens "by coincidence"....

There was some divine intervention that caused that meeting...

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the new home and settling in... Love, Sharon

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Yes, Dixie did live to be about 16, old for a doggie. And my neighbor's mother is still alive and kicking and I hope to get to meet her. What is sad is that I called my BIL in Tulsa yesterday. He gave Dixie to my sister when they were dating. I don't speak to him often and was sad that he seems to be suffering the from 'old age'. He barely remembered Dixie and did not remember that the mailman took her.

Becky, I can't leave this site, I care too deeply about so many of you and want to celebrate your good news and offer any info I may have. I hate the bad news but I hope that by rallying this cause, we can become noisy and raise awareness and funding for lc. I want us all to die of old age.

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Ever since I read this neat story, I have been thinking about my own childhood dog. I hadn't thought about her for years. Her name was Bootsie. She was a black, mixed breed Collie. She lived to be about 16 years old, too.

Thanks for sharing your story.



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