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And the plot thickens


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Dearest Peggy,

I was heartened to read the latest update with things progressing in the right direction. When you said the doctor told Don his lungs would get better, my heart did skip a beat. My hopes are that everything continues this way.

BUT when I read the sentence about the motorcycle, my heart dropped. All I could think about was that day Don was our riding for HOURS and I told you I checked here and Don wasn't in PA. That was not very long ago at all.

I have been keeping all of you in my prayers. It is WONDERFUL that Mike is handling things for you. I am praying he handles his dad's disease too.

HUGE warm wishes and prayers to you this weekend, Peggy.



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Hi Peggy,

I am so glad tha Don is feeling better and I pray he continues. Which I know he will. He seems to be a good boy now and is listening to what the docs and nurses say.

I know you will update us on what the Doc says about your questions.

I am also estastic with how well Mike is doing. That is such great encourageing news. You are blessed there.

Thinking of you and your family. Continued prayers sent your way


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This better news is most welcomed.

Peggy, our prayer and support continue........

We understand about the bike...........Brian just waxes the '56 all the time, but never takes it out alone.......ever.........he only showed one time this summer, and had to leave early.

Remind Don that we understand and send lots of support and prayer.

pat and brian

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