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Guest DaveG

The golf outing was a success, from the weather to what we earned. The weather was in the low 80's with sun shine and hardly a cloud in the sky. Starting with the arrival of the U of Wisonsin Mascot Bucky Badger at Noon time and up until 1:00 when we had a shotgun start, prelininary fun was had by all. I believe everybody had their chance to pose with Bucky and get their picture with this almost 7 ft high mascot.

By the time the outing was done, to include paying to hug the young lady who was our emcee, and the silent auction, it appears that after expenses, We earned $5000+ for the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer center for Lung Canceer Research.

The day was not the best for me, as the post chemo fatigue had set in. I fought it throughout the day, played golf with my group, and gave out the awards, before I crashed and spend the entire weekend in bed. I will say this much, I rid my body of many cancer cells through sleeping them off this weekend.

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Congratulations Dave on a job well done. You knew it was going to be a tough, arduous one at the onset, especially with the chemo, but you stuck it out organizing, playing, and awarding; I hope someone gave you an award! If they didn't--consider it done--(it would read something like this)

"To Dave Grant, for toughness and dedication beyond the call of duty"

You know, I think the only change I've seen in you since I first met you is your hair. And how was your game?

David P.

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:D Hi Dave,

So glad to hear your golf outing was a success. I know how you were

looking forward to it. This monstor really something else. I was doing

so well in remission sincre 8/28/02 from Adenocarcinoma Stage IV and

now two brain mets. So it will be surgery followed by radiation or radiation only or gamma knife with radiation. I feel great. I've been

blessed with a good quality of life so far and may continue to do so

if I have this done. Otherwise a nursing home. I will do whatever they

want, but I feel sooo scared. Well lets keep up our good fight and let

the dragon bow it's head to us. I want to be an old fart too.

God Bless You,



Age 61, dx Adenocarcinoma Stage 11B, 12/01, removed right lung,

1/02 spread to lymph nodes 4/02, had 6 chemo Taxol/Carboplatin.

Beginning 5/02 till 8/28/02. Found 2 brain mets 7/23/03. NSCLC

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Wow Dave, I was just thinking about you and was wondering how you were making out. We all thank you for your fund raising. I try to do the same thing. I figure as long as im here on earth I can eather sit around and do nothing or I can do what I can to raise money and awareness.


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Great going Dave,

I know you had your rest over the weekend but i bet now u are back on the golf course hitting those little while balls all over the place.

You are truly an amazing person....maybe next time you can be the mascot....

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Hi Dave -- My fiance has a golf membership to a local club and we have been discussing attempting to put together a Lung Cancer golf fundraiser -- can you give advice on how to get the ball rolling? Do you need a hospital sponsor? Any advice would be appreciated -- how amazing that you raised $5,000!!!

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GREAT job! We can not just sit around-you are a great example. God uses each of in a different way. As for me---I can not hit the stupid ball!! Tried for a few years but if I did hit it it went the wrong way. Life is to short to want KILL that white ball! :lol::lol:

Again great job!

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