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I would like to sincerely thank everyone here for their support, encouragement and advice.

Unfortunately my father lost his fight 3 weeks ago but this site was a tremendous help to all of us.

I would like to offer the following adivce:

I encourage everyone to seek a second opinion. we never had the chance to do so with my father because when he was first diagnosed he was in too much pain to be taken anywhere (we wanted to go to the states). we kept hoping there would be a better time to go but that time never came.

when i finally sent his file to MD Anderson they called me back and informed me there was nothing left they could do. however, from that brief converstation we had we learned that there were specialists who deal with neuro-endocrine lung cancer which is what my father had. when we looked on the web we learned that this cancer was very rare and he also had non small cell, large cell which was even more rare for this type of lung cacner.

I wish we had gone to the states earlier, as it now seems that there is a small possibility that the cancer started in the adrenal gland and not the lung.


thank you all for your help and please seek second opinions when ever possible.

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So sorry you've lost your father. You did the best you could with what you had to work with at the time - that's all anyone can be expected to do! There's always a "what if" attached to recent loss; please don't add guilt to the overwhelming feelings you're going through.

Glad this board was here for you...and for all of us!


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I'm sorry about your dad. Don't beat yourself up trying to second guess what could have been done after the fact. Just reading your account, I would say the end result may well have been the same. You did what you could. Your dad is now at peace. I wish you inner peace as time goes by. Don

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Offering condolences on the passing of your father.

Your advice about getting a second (or third) opinion was invaluable. Our hindsight is so much clearer when we become more experienced and knowledgeable! I myself was in a total fog for the first 4 months...which can be too late. You did the best that you could under the circumstances, so be kind to yourself, but thank you for thinking of others and giving them good advice.

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I am saddened to hear this loss of your Dad. It seems to me as if you did everything humanly possible to fight this cancer.

Please accept my sympathy to yourself, your siblings and your mother. You are so young to lose your Dad.

I didn't congratulate you on your marriage either. I am glad that your Dad was able to witness that!

Do take care,

Cindi o'h

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I am so sorry for the loss of your father. Your advice is well taken. Please don't be too hard on yourself, we do what we can with what we have. You sound like you were vigilant, but the disease was quicker. Peace to you and yours.



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