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Suki's home


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well, darnit, I am going to be an optimist and say mom is home, for good! the pneumonia is cleared up (white cells back at normal since Mon.), lung is dry as a bone. blood clot is still there but being treated GENTLY with coumadin (since the tinzaparin lead to the pericardial bleed last time). she's comfortably napping now on 3 liters of O2, and I keep peeking at how smoothly and deeply her back is rising and falling (translate: breathing looks beautiful!!)

amazingly,the DOCTORS gave her a cake and a card yesterday, telling she was an inspiration to them for all she's made it through. over the last almost 2 months, we had just about every nurse that works the 14th floor at MSKCC (the 'lung' floor) and they were all wishing her well. it was very moving.

now, Suki the one-lung-wonder is home with Pheobe the one-eyed-kitty (due to cancer, if you can believe that) and all is right in the world. we're all exhausted but cautiously optimistic she's on the road to health.

thank you so much to everyone who helped me through this latest post-op crisis. she'll almost certainly NOT get chemo, as the onc was hesitant as to her ability to withstand it BEFORE the pneumonua, but she should be starting Tarceva soon.

I forgot to add: I left a pile of LCSC/breathdeep bracelets in the lounge on the lung floor, so maybe we'll get some new friends.

love to all of you,



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Wow! So glad.

Tell her to stay home now! :twisted: 'nuff's enuff already.

docs and all see what you see in your Mom. What a great bunch they are to show up for her!

Like the idea of you enjoying watching her breathe. She did the same to you as an infant and little girl, no doubt!

Just do love this good news, Aimee.. now how bout that lemonade and pretzel with mustard? 8)

love, Cindi o'h

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How wonderful what the nurses and doc's did for her.

That alone speaks volumes as to how much your mom has been through the last couple of months.

(((((SUKI & AMIE)))))

So glad to hear she is home. BABY STEPS!!

I will continue to keep you BOTH in my prayers.

Love & Hugs,


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Great news! Glad Suki has such strong support from everyone. The image of you watching her breathe also reminds me of when my kids were little. It just seems like something you have to do...watching them breathe. Take care. Praying for improvement and regaining of strength for her. Take care.

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Suki is home!

Suki is home!

Suki is home!

Bunny this is wondeful.

I love that you watch her breathe ~ that says so much about you!!!! Of course we suspected that you were that kind of person!!

What a blessing you are to each other.

Now, bunnygirl, please get some rest.

Glad the docs were so loving w/ your mom. She deserves it. (Please pass us a piece of cake...we LOVE cake)

Pets for one eyed kitty and hugs for Suki and much love and support for you.


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Hi Bunny honey,

It seems like this good news forum is getting more and more imput.Yesssssssssssss!!!!

I am so estastic that you mom is home and on the road to recovery.

Now you could finally relax :D:wink:


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Amie...so glad to hear that Suki is finally home! It sounds like she is doing great! Wow, she must be a really special lady to get a cake from the nurses! That certainly says a lot for Suki! So glad things are going better for both of you! Leaving the bracelets was such a great idea. I have given all of my extras away and this reminds me that I need to order more.

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Welcome home, Suki and Amie...do you think you can knock that smile off your face for just a moment? :wink:

Sounds like Suki's made a lot of friends in that hospital...but I'd rather know she's home and well...and she can invite the nurses to visit here THERE, eh?

So glad to read this news. Jeez...there has been some very good news around here lately, after all. Oh sure, some cruddy news too...but to balance it out, some very good news indeed. Glad Suki counts among the Good Newsers. 8)

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