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Haven't been in this forum for a while...


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....but today I got an email that inspired me. It was from a company where I once ordered a charm. Here is the email:

Dear Valued Customer,

As most of you know October is breast cancer awareness month. We would like to do our part to bring awareness to this deadly disease. So in honor of the survivors and in memory of lost loved ones, with the purchase of a sterling silver pink ribbon pendant,our gift to you is a sterling silver chain, item BOXCCS.After making your purchase and checking out, in the comment section let us at http://salesboost.sitetoolbox.com/sh/st ... ibbons.htm know what size box chain you want. The Five Steps of a Breast self Exam.

Thank You

T Brown

And here is my reply to them:

Dear T. Brown:

You may not be aware that following October's Breast Cancer Awareness month, November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. I have lung cancer.

While I am also a female who has been having annual mammograms for the past 16-18 years, and even as I am grateful for the increased attention to and funding for breast cancer and strides made in treating breast cancer...those with lung cancer are, by comparison, not near so fortunate.

For one thing, it is supposed that we "brought this disease on ourselves" by smoking. That stigma alone has caused the amount of funding for lung cancer to be approximately 10-11% of that available for breast cancer research, and yet lung cancer - annually - kills more people than breast, prostate and colorectal cancer COMBINED!

Lung cancer, more and more, is affecting those who DO NOT SMOKE (having quit many years prior) or HAVE NEVER SMOKED. Evidence: Peter Jennings and Dana Reeve. It's not just smoking that creates the risk. Genetics, environmental factors and perhaps even estrogen has an impact, since lung cancer is striking more and more women. There is some question too about thyroid issues and a connection to lung cancer. Second hand smoke and even the fumes from gas grills are suspect. Many questions...but not enough answers yet to save more lives.

I am happy to support breast cancer awareness and funding. I wish everyone else was so happy to support lung cancer awareness and funding.

I hope this letter catches the attention of someone in a position to DO something that might help the 160,000-some people who will be diagnosed this year alone, with lung cancer. I invite you to please visit the lung cancer support community at htpp://lchelp.org/ If you read a little there, you will find that those of us with lung cancer are no more deserving of cancer than anyone else...yet the stigma that attaches to l.c. puts us low on the list when it comes to research, attention and sympathy.

I am a former smoker, not that that should make a difference....but it does, in the minds of many. As a company, you might be in a position to change that attitude AND make an even bigger difference for even more lives.

The lung cancer ribbon is clear. If you were to make the same offer in November that you're making in October to support breast cancer awareness...at least two thousand of my "friends" at lchelp would be very grateful.

Thank you for any consideration you might give this request, and also thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.


Let's see if it produces any results....eh?

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Addie, what a wonderful letter! It was such a great idea for you to think of. Mind if I steal your idea? I get things all the time via email and USPS regarding portions of purchase prices donated for breast cancer. You would think this is the only cancer that women have to fear. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!!

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